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Healing Zen Flute CD

Transformative music by E.J. Gold

Price: $16.97

Prod.ID: cdm428

E.J. Gold on Zen flute. The Healing Zen Flute is recommended for the Beacon practice. Recorded live on an alto zen flute without overdubs using a Neumann microphone. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning Sound Engineer Oz Fritz.

The Healing Zen Flute CD by E.J. Gold

Track titles include:

1. Auraveda
2. Manganara
3. Konichi
4. Meenhotep
5. Shaolin
6. Baraka
7. Namu
8. Tokuma
9. Ramosa
10. Daro
11. Fuzara
12. Hamana
13. Sulos
14. Alarios
15. Mu Na Ka