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Woodland Spirits CD

Transformative music by E.J. Gold

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Prod.ID: cdm424

E.J. Gold on Zen flute enchanting the senses gently unveils the higher self. The Woodland Spirits is recommended for assisting integration of parallel universe personae in the Beacon practice. Recorded live on an alto zen flute without overdubs using a Neumann microphone. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning Sound Engineer Oz Fritz.

The Woodland Spirits CD by E.J. Gold

Track titles include:

1. It Is Not Things
2. Attuned to Zen
3. Soul of the Earth
4. No Introduction Needed
5. No Water, No Moon
6. Eating the Blame
7. The First Step
8. Footprints in the Snow
9. The Silent Temple
10. Wind, Flag, Mind Moves
11. Flickering Candle
12. Nothing Exists
13. The Universal Wheel
14. Clear Realization
15. A Water Vase
16. Lighted Lantern
17. Tea Ceremony
18. Mother Nature's Daughter