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Beginning Flute Lessons

Beginning Zen Flute Classes taught by E.J. Gold over the course of 10 lessons.
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Intermediate Flute Lessons

These lessons are the next step after completing the Beginning Zen Flute Classes.
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Zen Flute Classes

Here's what E.J. Gold has said about the Zen Flute Practice:

"Zen Flute is all about the breath. The secret of breath is not to control your breathing, but to be breathed, to allow the breath to breathe you, to surrender to the breath of the Absolute.

"In Zen Flute Meditation, you enter into the state of Satori simply by getting out of the way and allowing the player to play, the breath to breathe. You join the audience when the Zen Flute plays itself and you are breathed by the breath.

"When you are completely out of the way of the music, the Zen Flute will amaze and astound you and all who hear it. The Zen Flute music is transportative.

"The goal here is to clear the ego from the path, to allow the breath of the Absolute to come clearly through the Zen Flute without obstruction.

"The real lesson here is to learn how to let the Zen Flute play itself. It's not about fingers, it's not about notes, it's not about scales and it's not about tone. It's all about getting yourself out of the way of the breath, about being breathed rather than being the breather.

"In order for the breath to do the breathing, you'll need to move out of the way of the breath, and the best way to do that is to reach out with the Theta Mind into the World Next Door. Let the Parallel World Persona who plays the Zen Flute do all the work.

"Zen Flute is not music. It is a spiritual practice. Zen Flute sounds act directly on the energy field of the player and listener alike. The vibrations are specific and are not in any way classifiable as music or entertainment, nor is the playing of the Zen Flute a performance. Zen Flute is a spiritual practice which can be shared with others and falls into the same category as prayer, except that the Zen Flute acts as the voice of the invocant.

"The Zen Flute in conjunction with the SuperBeacon is the most powerful spiritual navigation device imaginable and obtainable in this universe.

"The sounds of the Zen Flute are actually from the 11th Dimension and represent the direct transmission of the thoughts of the Great Spirit residing in the space called Norton.

"Zen Flute is not performance, nor is it entertainment. It is a Spiritual Practice which can be shared. It is the Sound of God."

"Playing music has become such a big part of our lives here and I am so grateful, because I think, what could be a better pastime to fill our lives, eh. It is a wonderful opportunity to work at letting go of ego and feeling a communion with other players. I try to remember to play for the benefit of all beings everywhere. I have noticed my playing and confidence have improved since doing the Beacon. So enjoy your flute!" -- Mary D., Nelson, BC

"Folks are being blown away by the PRASAD, the golden nuggets being dished out during the Zen Flute Classes. I know I am, as are the others here in the studio. We have a full house onsite and a full house online -- full in a kind of limitless way. I hope you get to join us. If you really can't, then get the DVDs ... we ship one per week. There is a discount, of course, if you sign up for the whole series, and an even deeper discount if you are taking the class and get the DVD series. This is very a very special event." -- Yanesh.