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Zen Flute Music

Working with the Zen Flute:

"I practiced with you live all weekend each time you were playing the flute. It was a wonderful pleasure to accompany you in those beautiful Spaces. My accompaniment was so in Flow with your improv, that I got the distinct impression that you could feel me playing with you, but we all know that's "impossible" because you had no way of hearing my guitar work.

"Another wonderful jam I had with you was a recorded broadcast of just the flute and some subtle jungle noises in the background. I believe we were in the key of C, so I just followed your groove and, when you stopped for a rest period, you consistently came back in on the same exact time signature I WAS KEEPING UP. You have a great sense of timing and I absolutely love this spiritual practice of Zen flute that you have made accessible to us all. Keep up the good work. I'm right there with you."

-- Shawn B., New Jersey