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Zen of Gorebagg CD

Transformative music by E.J. Gold

Price: $16.97

Prod.ID: cdm421

E.J. Gold on Zen flute clarifies the vision for ease of perception in parallel universes. For use with the Beacon or Zone Box. Music CD. Recorded live on a Von Huene rosewood flute and Takemine acoustic guitar at Castle Drake without overdubs using a Neumann microphone. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning Sound Engineer Oz Fritz.

Track titles include:

1. Lightning Flashes
2. Inch Time Foot Gem
3. Close Enough
4. What is Buddha?
5. My Heart Burns Like Fire
6. Reciting Sutras
7. Without Words, Without the Wordless
8. Return to Brilliancy
9. No Footsteps to Follow
10. Oak Tree in the Garden
11. Blue Sky, Full Moon
12. No Introduction Needed
13. Everyday Life is the Path
14. I Reach Home
15. Out From Meditation
16. All Merge in No-Thing
17. Reaching the Source
18. Dead Trees Become Alive
19. In The World
20. The Last and the First