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Spirit Thunder CD

Transformative music by E.J. Gold

Price: $16.97

Prod.ID: cdm425

E.J. Gold on Zen flute. The Spirit Thunder is recommended for the Beacon practice. Recorded live on an alto zen flute without overdubs using a Neumann microphone. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning Sound Engineer Oz Fritz.

The Spirit Thunder CD by E.J. Gold

Track titles include:

1. All Silence
2. Gold Rope
3. Flowers Open Every Night
4. Fortune
5. Different Streams
6. Essence Wealth
7. Jasmine
8. Nothing of Roselight
9. Let Go
10. A Great Blessing
11. Child's Play
12. Fold Over Fold
13. One Transparent Sky
14. Starlight
15. Indescribable Message
16. Haiku
17. I Wait
18. Dissolve
19. Bird's Nest
20. Old Crone
21. Miracle Signs
22. Inside This River
23. Rolling Thunder
24. Let Silence Ask