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E.J. Gold - My Daily Mantras

These are a few of my favorite Mantras. Read my books and blogs on the subject of "Thought-Form Mantras". Sometimes Mantras can be pure sounds or blendings of sounds -- these are created from ordinary words.

10 Happiness Mantras - How to be Happy using resonant thought form mantras

How to be happy - Listen to Ten Happiness Mantras - and Turn happiness on now - happiness is an inside job Listen, repeat From: EJ Gold's Mantras as resonant thought forms

I’m posting a number of THOUGHT-FORMS here, which are NOT Affirmations. They create a Thought-Form which strikes a harmonious resonance with a higher Standing-Wave Function.

Ten Mantras for Happiness

  • I choose to be happy right now.
  • I know what makes me happy.
  • My happiness is within easy reach from here.
  • I can access my happiness anytime I wish.
  • I can see the happiness inside everyone including myself.
  • I am living a happy life.
  • I hereby give myself permission to be happy.
  • I am even happier when I see others who are happy.
  • My happiness will always return.
  • I feel gratitude for my happiness.

Note: This is a fine example of the kinds of things you can do to spread the word about the Gratitude Method. Let us know if you post something. We'd love to see it.

10 Mantras for Inner Peace by E.J. Gold #shorts

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10 Mantras para la Paz. De E.J. Gold

E.J. Gold, nos muestra una serie de FORMAS DE PENSAMIENTO, que NO son afirmaciones.

Crean una forma de pensamiento que logra una resonancia armoniosa con una función de onda estacionaria más alta.

Los mantras están tan conectados con los planos superiores que pueden usarse básicamente como un sello de «entrega especial» en tus oraciones.