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Thought Form Mantras

The 100 Thought Form Mantras Read by Group

This audio file was extracted from Saturaday (part 1) of the Gratitude Attitude Workhop. Various participants in the Zoom meeting shared in the reading of EJ's blog. This collaboration was quite special and most of those present made a special request to get a copy of the audio. This is that audio. It has been cleaned up a bit -- removing one aheam, and one other glitch in the recording. Otherwise it remains true to the initial performance.

  • Thought-Form-Mantras-Read-by-Group.mp3

The 100 Thought Form Mantras Read by Group

Instant (mp3) download $(3.99)

Thought Form Mantras (EJ) Bundle

This bundle contains 11 audio files. The first of which is EJ Gold reading in the 100 Thought Form Mantras. This large file was then cut into ten individual mp3 -- one for each category. Love, Peace, Motivation, Happiness, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Prosperity, Healing, Positive Energy, and Help You Sleep.

  • EJ-Recording-of-Mantras-as-Resonant-Thought-Forms-100.mp3
  • Ten-Mantras-for-Happiness.mp3
  • Ten-Mantras-for-Healing.mp3
  • Ten-Mantras-for-Love.mp3
  • Ten-Mantras-for-Motivation.mp3
  • Ten-Mantras-for-Peace.mp3
  • Ten-Mantras-for-Positive-Energy.mp3
  • Ten-Mantras-for-Prosperity.mp3
  • Ten-Mantras-for-Self-Confidence.mp3
  • Ten-Mantras-for-Self-Esteem.mp3
  • Ten-Mantras-to-Help-You-Sleep.mp3

Thought Form Mantras (EJ) Bundle

Instant (mp3) download $(3.99)

Thought Form Mantras Orbs

These Orbs are created in the GoDD™ Engine & Editor. Each orb contains 10 mantras from the category specified in its name.

These required Windows to run. They will NOT work on a smart phone or tablet. Nor, will they work on iOS. Maybe some nice folks will explore the orbs then create youtube uploads for those folks that don't have a Windows computer.

Happiness Mantras Orb

Healing Mantras Orb

Help You Sleep Mantras Orb

Love Mantras Orb

Motivation Mantras Orb

Peace Mantras Orb

Positive Energy Mantras Orb

Prosperity Mantras Orb

Self Confidence Mantras Orb

Self Esteem Mantras Orb