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Gratitude as a Workline

Turns out the practice of voluntary Gratitude (gratitude without an external triggering event) is a powerful line of work. Good for you, good for those around you, and good for the Work. In addition, when practiced with discipline can provide the fuel necessary to make it to your next check point. Find an introduction in the Background Blogs.

Background Blogs

These blogs are captured from EJ's blog site They are filled with enough information to provide a basic grounding in Gratitude as a line of work.

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Workshop Audio Available

This amazing workshop from Thanksgiving 2021 represents the coming out event for "Gratitude as a Workline". What's so special about this workshop is the intense, well-rounded introduction of gratitude as a line of work. EJ's presentation gave the perfect introduction to the full method.

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Thought Form Mantras Downloads

Thought Form Mantras work hand-in-glove with the Gratitude Method. The theory and instructions for using these mantra can be found in the Background Blogs. On this page you'll find various downloads useful to this pursuit.

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Thought Form Mantra Cards

Mantra cards for Happiness, Healing, Love, Motivation, Peace, Positive Energy, Prosperity and more..

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Gratefuling: A Stairway to Bliss

Gratefuling: A Stairway to Bliss is filled with exercises that you can use to walk yourself through the journey from being a witness of gratitude that just happens into self-generating gratitude. This is a journey that may be taken solo or in the company of a supportive group.

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A selection of videos related to the Gratitude Practice. Here you can find videos from IDHHB on the topic. And, you can find samples of the creative videos being produced by those working in this area.

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