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Mantra Cards Deck of 100

E.J. Gold's Mantra cards for Happiness, Healing, Love, Motivation, Peace, Positive Energy, Prosperity and more..

Price: $49.95


Q: What is being offered? A: 100 Resonant Thought-Form Mantras on standard poker-sized playing cards. The background of each card is selected based on its category.

Q: What categories of Mantras are there? A: Happiness, Healing, Love, Motivation, Peace, Positive Energy, Prosperity, Self Confidence, Self Esteem, and Help You Sleep.

Q: Are Mantras the same as Affirmations? A: Not exactly. There is a nice explanation below. Check it out.

Okay, so what are Affirmations?

Well, they're a way to tune the mind and emotions to a higher level of existence while you're still in human form.

But there are statements that are commonly considered "Affirmations" because they suggest positive actions and attitude.

I'm posting a number of THOUGHT-FORMS here, which are NOT Affirmations. They create a Thought-Form which strikes a harmonious resonance with a higher Standing-Wave Function.

Some Mantras are Self-Propagating, which means that they propel themselves pretty much everywhere in every direction including up. Mantras are so highly connected to Higher Planes that they can be used basically as a "Special Delivery" stamp on your prayers.

Mantras are a way of paying back for prayer answers. You're getting help from Above and you're giving help to the Above through your powerful Mantras.

So the sound of the Mantra is created by a Thought-Form that suggests a Higher Realm, rather than an uttered vocal sound of the human variety, although I can recommend a few of the safer "Uttered Sound" Mantras, like "Gate, Gate Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Swaha", one of my favorite "Useful" Mantras.

A Mantra rightly applied is like a spanner wrench would be to an auto mechanic. Indispensable -- and thoroughly taken for granted, and used by instinct.

I've put together a list of some of the more useful Thought-Form Mantras so, without further ado, here are some useful THOUGHT-FORM MANTRAS that you might find will come in handy as you move through this treacherous realm called "Planet Earth".