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Bluelining Tidbits

The Tidbits page is where we'll post alerts and things you need to know in order to make things work. Think of these as sage advice from those that have struggled with some of the quirks in the GoDD™ Engine & Editor and found ways to make it work inspite of the quirks.

F6 Regions (A clue on how to make it work)
It this video we demonstrate how to perform F6 color changes on a Region (Domain). In the process we also show how to make it not work.
Spoiler Alert: If you type in the domain name in lowercase it will not work. However, if you use ALL CAPS it will work -- first time every time.
Spoiler Alert #2: Yes, it is true that some times lowercase will work. But, do you really want to put the work in to figure out when you can and cannot get away with it?
Table of Colors For the 10 Mantra Groups
Mantra GroupColor NameColor as HEXColor as 0 to 255Color as 0 to 1
HappinessBurnt Umber BrownB27800178 120 070 .47 0
HealingGreen00C9000 201 00 .79 0
LoveDark RedFF0000255 0 01 0 0
MotivationViolet Purple7C1375124 19 117.49 .07 .46
PeaceCool GrayBAC4C6186 196 198.73 .77 .78
Positive EnergyTurquoise Blue00A3FF0 163 2550 .64 1
ProsperityYellowFFFF00255 255 01 1 0
Self-confidenceWarm GrayC1BFFF193 191 255.76 .75 1
Self-esteemOrangeFFC751255 199 811 .78 .32
SleepCobalt Blue0000EC0 0 2360 0 .93

When using alt-F6 in GoDD™ Engine & Editor the numbers on the far right will be the values to use.

The order is Red Green Blue.

For example: In Motivation use F6 to set the Red to .49, the Green to .07, and the Blue to .46

If you want to tone down the effect of the color use the alpha value int F6.