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Bluelining Fundamentals

Look here for a growing list of teaching pieces on Fundamentals in GODD Editing.

How to make a room
In this video:
  • Create new orb
  • Add domain (leave effect as no_name)
  • Assign ceiling and floor textures
  • Create a first wall (begin in lower left corner)
  • Assign wall texture
  • Create three more walls to create a complete enclosed room
  • View our creation (requires to load attempts since it is new orb).
  • Move/drag walls to demonstrate that a "room" can be hallway, chimney, or whatever.
How to make a RBOX
In this video:
  • We begin by opening the orb from "How to make a room."
  • Save the orb with a new name
  • Make sure the room is the size I want for holding the RBOX
  • Add a new domain (add duplicates the settings from previously selected domain.)
  • Make Ceiling H 64 -- leave Floor H at 0
  • Change Ceiling Tex to woodd7a.
  • Change Floor Text to NO_NAME (so it does not need to be rendered)
  • Change Effect to be RBOX
  • Go to Walls
  • Make a wall starting in lower left corner..
  • Change wall (MidText) to woodd7a
  • Change Front to 2
  • Make remaining walls to enclose a RBOX
  • Save, Load, A-E to exit Edit and enter into View mode
  • Add a second RBOX that floats in the air
  • Click Domain Add button
  • Change Ceiling H = 128, Floor H = 64
  • Add texture (woodd7a) because floor (bottom of box) is now visible.
  • Make the walls as before (with 2 as the Front)
  • Also we introduced CapsLock as a way for character to crouch.
How to make two connected rooms
In this video:
  • (Click here to download for the orb)
  • Save Lab2 as some other name of your devising.
  • Fix SOUL1 for the new orb. This is required because the saving of a new orb does not carry forward the F6 for the OSOUL
  • First we add a new domain.
  • Since this will be a hallway we make it 256 height/
  • Delete the wall we want to insert a hallway into.
  • Re-add the wall in three pieces. The center piece (for the new hallway) is 256 wide)
  • Define the back of that wall as Domain 1
  • Select a single-sided wall as template and create the first wall of the hallway. West wall in this case.
  • Change the "Front" from 0 to 1 (the new domain)
  • Finish making the other walls for the hallway.
  • Save/Load/Look to see how things are going.
  • Make a new domain for the next room. Make sure the selected domain is 0 (not 1) so that the new domain has a 384 height. No big deal if you duplicate the hallway. Just change the height to your desired height for the new room.
  • Go to walls and all the new room.
  • Save/Load/Look to see the results.
Add a Doorway to a Wall(structure)
In this video:
  • Start with a simple RBOX struction in the form of a "wall".
  • Select the Domain associated with the wall structure.
  • Duplicate that domain. This will carry forward the height and textures.
  • Go to the panel for adding walls. And, create a RBOX structure to be one side of the doorway.
  • Note: Build this box away from the original wall structure so you can slide it in later.
  • Grab the side wall of the original wall structure and pull it over to make room for the new side wall. Be sure to leave room for the doorway.
  • Go to Domain panel and move the new side wall into place.
  • You should now have two side wall structures and a gap for the doorway.
  • Go to the Domain panel and duplicate one of the "wall" domains so we can create a header for over the doorway. Make sure to add a floor texture because now the floow (bottom of the RBOX) will be visible.
  • Change the value of the RBOX floor to create the bottom of the doorway header.
  • In the Wall panel create a new box that will fill the doorway gap. Drag this into place.
  • You should now have a doorway in the wall.