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Blueline Academy for individuals to work with 3d virtual reality, game development using the GODD engine

Bluelinetm Academy

Welcome to the amazing, stupendous, and doubly great Blueline Academy reboot. Thanks to Zoom,, and wonderful advances in the GODD Engine we are able to bring the Blueline Academy to people all over the world without limitations of geography, travel, and other such limitations.


This introduction will provide some background and an orientation into the whole topic of the GODD Engine and Bluelining in general.

Click here to read the Introduction.

Norton Street Gallery (on Esty)

E.J. Gold's Norton Street Gallery on is the go to place to find components for game making in the GODD Engine.

Click here to visit Norton Street Gallery on Esty.


Explore and learn these basic skills for an easier more relaxed Blueline experience. These are the easy skills that you should master.

Look here for basic skills that will help you in getting around the GODD UI (user interface).

Click here to check out the Basics.


What are Blueline fundamentals? Well, things like making a domain, creating walls, defining a RBOX, and much more.

There are plenty of other (perhaps hair pulling hard) things to do in the GODD Engine. The fundamentals are those skills you will use over and over and over.

Click here to access the Fundamentals.


What are Blueline effects? Effects are how level designers add bits of programming to an orb.

Click here to access the Effects.


The Tidbits page is where we'll post alerts and things you need to know in order to make things work. Think of these as sage advice from those that have struggled with some of the quirks in the GoDD™ Engine & Editor and found ways to make it work inspite of the quirks.

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This is the spot to download practice drills and learning projects.

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Member Pages

Here you'll find a growing list of pages posted to the internet by Blueline Academy Members. These may be youtube channels and/or websites. On a Blueline Academy member's page you will find examples of orbs, tutorials, and other wondrous things.

Click here to find a listing of Member Pages.


A selection of training and general interest Blueline videos.

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