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Bluelining Effects

Look here for a growing list of teaching pieces on Effects in GODD Editing.

How to add a SkyBox
In this video:
  • (Click here to download for the orb We will use this as a starting point. Be sure to keep a backup copy of lab2.orb and lab2.ini because you will want to refresh the orb each time you want to start fresh.)
  • alt-E to enter editor
  • Use left keyboard arrow to move through the carousel to the Object panel
  • Click (left) on the map to create an object (the add button will not do it)
  • This will be our SkyBox object.
  • Effect = OSKYBOX
  • EffParam = 1
  • Radius = 64 (this makes the object easier to see and indicates it is most probably a function object.)
  • Texture = NO_NAME (you can delete existing texture and press enter, this will autofill NO_NAME)
  • Tag = 9999
  • ID-name = HEAVEN
  • Create Aux (click into the field)
  • Name E = SB4 (or whatever skybox you are using. This is just the first 3 characters used in the skybox bmp files. In the c:\godd\gfx folder you will see sb4back.bmp, sb4bot.bmp, sb4front.bmp, sb4left.bmp, sb4right.bmp, and sb4top.bmp
  • Now change textures on ourside walls to NO_NAME
  • And, set Ceiling Tex of the Domain to NO_NAME
  • Save/Load/Look to see how things are going.
How to add OSOUL to the Player
In this video:
  • Make sure that the player object (OPLAYER) has its ID-name set to PLAYER
  • Add new object by clicking on the map (when in the Object panel)
  • Give this object an Effect of OSOUL
  • Set the Radius of the OSOUL to 64
  • Create an Aux
  • Set Name E to PLAYER
  • Set Number 3 to 64
  • Set Number 5 to 64
  • Set the Tag to 9999 (start when game begins)
  • Set ID-name to SOUL1
  • Be sure to set the Texture of the OPLAY (Player) to an existing model (bip91g in this case)
  • Save, Load, & View
  • Use alt-F6 to set the relationship of the camera to the player
  • Set Move? to Yes
  • Use X to move camera toward or away from player (hover over the number below X, left-click then drag up and down to make adjust relative distance behind player)
  • Use Y to move up and down relative to player (hover over the number below Y, left-click then drag up and down to make adjust relative height)
How to create an OWALK
In this video:
  • In this example we begin with the Lab2 orb for convenience. You can use any orb you wish.
  • Open the editor (alt-E)
  • Navigate left (using keyboard left arrow key) to the Objects panel
  • Make sure the OPLAYER object is selected.
  • Click (left mouse button) anywhere inside the main room.
  • This will create an object at the place you clicked. The effect OPLAY has been removed and replaced by the standard NO_NAME.
  • Edit the Effect field and make it OWALK
  • This will create a simple walking character that will move around the orb in a semi-random manner.
  • Near the end of the tutorial video we experiment with changing speed and acceleration.