Working for the liberation of all beings everywhere. Bringing higher consciousness to the planet, one eternal moment at a time.

Transformational Materials

These items are made available as a continuing service -- assisting in whatever way we can in a comprehensive array of transformation materials. Each products is designed to contribute as a unique element supporting one or another aspect of the transformational path. In addition, each product is part of a synergistic whole -- contributing a piece of the gestalt coming together in ways unguessed at.

Incense, candle holders, sacred items, ... The list can be quite exhaustive. Look here to find available items.

Art is a profoundly effective tool for transformation and shamanic skill building. This is all in addition to the well known benefits to brain function, healing, and more. Definitely check out these dvds.

Recordings of E.J. reading, chanting, storytelling, plus an in-depth radio interview.

Books, books, and more books. EJ Gold is an extremely prolific writer. His body of work in print covers an extraordinary (and comprehensive) array of topics. Browse the books here and those on Gateways Books. You are sure to find many nuggets of must read wisdom.

If you find the selection a little overwhelming, contact us or come to one of our many online broadcasts and ask around. Them are many folks that will be more than happy to give you the benefit of their prior reading in your selection.

DVDs and audio media are a valuable way to insert yourself into the action. It is the closest thing to being in the room personally attending the talk or other events. We have captured many important talks and Institute Events -- making them available to our friends around the country and around the world.

By the way, Marvette has put the finishing touches on the Cloister Recordings recommendations of Top (Must See) DVDs. Click here for a short write up and download link.

Artistic Jewelry Consciously Created From the Workbench of E.J. Gold Connect with higher realms of spirit. This holiday season give good luck, healing, protection and joy to those in your life.

IDHHB has a massive archive of talks (created over the past 50 years) many of which are available on CD or instant download. The topics are diverse and indepth.

After so many years of being asked to produce a Tarot Deck E.J. Gold has finally done it! Made completely by hand in his studio at least for the time being. These cards are endowed with the Magician's Magic.