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photo of DVD cover of House Concert with E.J. Gold, Tito Rios and Claude Needham

Zen Flute Concert

with E.J. Gold, Tito Rios & Claude Needham

Price: $29.95

2 DVD Set | Performance September 11, 2009

Like a bootleg edition of an underground concert surreptitiously captured by a sly music enthusiast invisible in the crowd, this performance shines through the raw recording making these magic moments available to all.

Ably supported by Claude Needham providing the undercurrent on bass and the classical stylings of Tito Rios on acoustic guitar, E.J. Gold swoons and soars in sonorous delight on the amplified Zen Flute. Sounding, at times, like a piper before the gates of dawn, elsewhere like a Zen Roshi wielding a sonic staff of wakeful remembrance, Gold gently and daringly guides and teases willing listeners into domains far beyond the ordinary.

All aboard for this exceptional journey making it a positive addition to the extraordinary collection of any collector.