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Zen Flute Concert

with E.J. Gold & Friends

Price: $29.95

2 DVD Set | Performance September 19, 2009

Perceptual scientists looking for proof positive evidence of group invocation need look no further. This musical offering, recorded live in-concert, is the product of a group formed a mere week earlier.

Like jumping into the deep end before one really knows how to swim, this courageous unit quickly coalesced, forming a vehicle containing a newly born musical soul for one magical night. You are invited to witness this voyage using sound as its compass and rudder, taking off, shifting gears and transporting us listeners somewhere new.

E.J. Gold on zen flutes, djembe and dumbek; Jim Rodney on electric guitar; Robbert Trice on harp, dumbek; Nancy Christie on bass recorder; Lil McGill on keyboard; Claude Needham on electric bass; & various people on miscellaneous percussion instruments. Produced by E.J. Gold; Camera by Marvel Lane; Editing by Christiane Wolters; Live sound by Oz Fritz; Distributed by IDHHB, Inc.