Working for the liberation of all beings everywhere. Bringing higher consciousness to the planet, one eternal moment at a time.

Prosperity Virtual Ashram

E.J. has said this about the Ashram:
"The reason, specifically, this Ashram works is because of the contact that you have at the Ashram . . . the whole purpose of being at the Ashram is the contact that you have with me and the contact you have with each other. It's very important."

In an impromptu poll of Ashram participants about their experiences in the Ashram, the unanimous reply was "loving it!" Asked to give a slightly more specific response, the participants had this to say about their experiences in the Ashram:

  • Increase of energy
  • Good companionship, group work
  • Communications with Work Buddies
  • Gather as a group, work as a group, space to perform as a group
  • Attend wonderful classes on multiple interesting subjects
  • Be in spaces that create mood conducive to meditation
  • Excellent opportunity for learning
  • Readings, exploration of ancient spaces
  • Very peaceful and safe space
  • It has enhanced my connection to everyone and the Teaching even when my computer isn't on
  • Movement in spaces that awaken the machine (Skywalk)
  • Like being able to leave the avatar in Tai Chi practice sessions when I have to leave
  • Provides a connection with avatar
  • Pulls me me me into us us us
  • Keeping attention on a different space throughout the course of the day
  • Ability to fly, which stimulates the memory, encourages astral travel
  • Reminder of higher nature always active
  • Enhanced astral travel and lucid dreaming
  • No violence
  • Spaces which trigger past life memories or feelings
  • Healing space
  • Make new, as well as old friends, interconnections
  • Voyaging with others
  • Spaces which cause feelings of awe and reverence
  • Excitement and enthusiasm about learning new things
  • Receive help / offer help
  • Getting to shop
  • Pleasant places to always be able to go to
  • Spaces which encourage attention and presence
  • Good hair -- no bad hair days
  • Learning to ask for help when that can be a difficult thing to do
  • Learning learning learning
  • Group Prayer and voyaging activities
  • Very fun to take on new avatars, body shapes, clothes
  • Exploration of other realms and mind and heart spaces
  • Refuge
  • Hear poetry and stories we might not otherwise know about
  • Transmission
  • Awareness of different "scales"
  • Meeting and working with others of like-mind and heart
  • Development of responsibility and good habits
  • Outreach
  • Learning not to panic when lost, being in flux
  • Facilitates observation of self
  • Collective body to raise consciousness of the whole sangha
  • Avatar movement awareness, which reminds us the HBM movement and activities
  • In moments of loneliness, I can always find a friend
  • Facilitates developing sensing of other realms
  • Connection with others from all over the world -- not affected by distance
  • Learning from each other and sharing and pooling resources and skills
  • Serving the Work, serving other who serve the Work
  • Trans-dimensional travel
  • Hearing friends' voices
  • Tranquil Zen walks
  • Keeps one on the "cutting edge," or at least in the ball park, thereof, technology wise
  • Meeting new friends
  • Osmotic absorption of spirit and guru vibes and grace
  • Learn Tai Chi
  • Opportunity to Work
  • Able to serve the Ashram, which provides Work opportunities through participation
  • Has made tremendous changes in third life or as some say real life
  • Maybe being touched by angels
  • Opportunity to tell others about something new
  • Satisfying daily frustration and being lost quota
  • 24/7 contact with school
  • Longing manifested
  • Learning ancient history and able to be there in it
  • Great arena for getting a better sense of how all the different areas of work combine and work with each other
  • Being among "good company"
  • Full virtual experience, which includes sights and sounds, plus interaction with others
  • Vehicle to bring ancient history into day-to-day conversation
  • Contact with lineage
  • Increase opportunity for next life
  • Develops sense of footprints over many lifetimes
  • I have learned to get over my negative self-talk to ask for help. The reality is that some of us cannot be on as often, so we are learning each time we are on.
  • I have appreciated everyone's kindness and patience and have accepted that until/if/when I can have more time, it is limited and I can do so much
  • A place to feel cared for and safe
  • Forming a connection bridge and beacon-like reference point to move toward when we pass
  • Building confidence
  • Learning, getting the sensing of flying, and also, a facilitator of lucid dreaming-like awarenesses
  • Intensifying chakra activity
  • Interactive involvement and "movement," even if a couch-sitter
  • Inculcation of the attitude of the Ashram as a way of life, not just a place to visit
  • Handling stage fright


The Ashram provides an environment that encourages learning, exploration of ancient spaces, enhanced astral travel and lucid dreaming, healing, collective body raising consciousness, meeting new friends, and increased opportunity for the next life. It also facilitates the development of good habits and responsibility, and allows for interactive involvement, chakra activity, and the inculcation of the Ashram's attitude as a way of life.

Several members of the Ashram got together to create a multi-media presentation about the Ashram. You can check out the pdf file here: /worklines/pva/prosperity-poster.pdf

And if you'd like to catch the day-to-day buzz, check out:

PVA (Prosperity Virtual Ashram) is available world wide at the speed of the internet.

Below is a partial list of activities available in the Ashram. While it is definitely not complete, it will give a good idea of what's available.

  • Meet EJ in Gorby Square to go flying.
  • The Adventures of Anybody, hosted by Grokkey. At the Hobbit Hut near the Tai Chi, take a purple teleport.
  • Zone Box Inductions, hosted by BillWh0 Location Near Tibetan Teleport
  • Clear Light Readings hosted by Nortiana outside the Ganesh Temple in the Zen Bell Meditation Circle.
  • Crown of Creation Drum Circle hosted by Spacebuddha. Take a purple teleport to Bubbles.
  • Enhancing Resonance, Labyrinth Readers Course for Runners contact VeneBodo. Location Near Tibetan Teleport.
  • Prayer Absolute Meditation hosted by Rocky, at the Crown of Creation.
  • Worldwide Prayer Circle hosted by Panniy. Inside the Temple of Ganesh.
  • Poets Cafe hosted by Auntie Matter
  • Planet Mirth Comedy Clud hosted by Lorca.
  • LRC (Labyrinth Readers Course) hosted by StarAnanda.


Follow the easy steps given below to create an avatar and meet us in the Ashram.

And make sure to send us your avatar name.

Get Your Free Avatar

PVA is hosted in the Second Life virtual world simuation. In order to join the activities, it will be necessary to create a (FREE)Avatar in Second Life.

Click on the image to the left to setup your account.

Meet us on the Ashram

The Prosperity Virtual Ashram can be reached in Second Life at the following address

You can also copy and paste this slurl into your secondlife viewer location bar.

Prosperity Virtual Ashram training, Video 1

Every location in Second Life is accessible through a slurl. This is the Second Life URL. This is the SL equivalent of a webpage address. Only in this case, it is the address for a place in the 3D simulations.

The slurl for Prosperity Ashram is:

The video on the left should help you find your way.

Why Work In A Virtual Ashram?

The Transference Talk -- What Can You Do When You're Facing Death?

This talk between E.J. Gold, Claude Needham, and Vilnis Vulfs is an amazing introduction to the potential available for each of us in the Virual Ashram.