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What Is Ashram Work

London Bus Tour of the Higher Dimensions, Oct. 21, 2013.

If you’re really heavily into The Seduction Path, you won’t have much time for Ashram Work, if you get there at all. The Seduction Path is a very busy path, with all sorts of day-calendar and night-calendar appointments — they’re called “Assignations” in movies about the French courtiers and their carryings-on. Relationship maintenance takes a lot of effort and energy, but if you manage to remain in a stable relationship, you’ll be able to take a few minutes for your Ashram Work. Remember that you can do this work in your bathrobe, slippers and shower-cap on your laptop, and soon you’ll be able to enter the Ashram through your eyeglasses or wristwatch, and not long now before you’ll be able to browse the internet with that fantastic new Galaxian Internet Implant Device that enables your brain to assemble full-blown tactile hallucinatory shopping malls and never-ending reverberating mental infomercials. If you’ve got a few minutes on your hands and you’re near a laptop or a desktop computer and you happen to have downloaded and installed the second-life engine, you might consider working on your Personal Evolutionary Potential. Here’s how you can do that right now, today:

First off, it all depends upon your thorough understanding of, and agreement with, the following aim:

To form a stronger bond between myself and my Higher Self, one stage ahead.

This is called “Contact-Bonding”. What does Contact-Bonding actually do, and how does this work to bring you into the Work and further along your Work Path?

Contact-Bonding occurs when you enter the Ashram and make contact with your Avatar merely by the action of entering the Ashram through the special second-life browser.

This action brings you rather forcefully into the “radar”, meaning the awareness, of your Higher Self, which then forms a bond between your present self and your future self, the Avatar in the Ashram environment … but I’d better explain this “Higher Self” business before we go much further, eh?

You’re on an Organic Einsteinian Time-Line, which is a straight line between past and future — but you’re also on a Work-Timeline, which weaves its Drunkard’s Walk stagger through and across the organic world timelines, in much the same way that a cloth is woven on a loom. Okay, so much for theory; what’s the actual result of whatever it is we’re talking about, anyway???

You don’t need to change. Your Avatar in the Ashram, once it becomes aware of you, and every time you activate this relationship by entering the Ashram and performing any service there, will pull you along, thus raising yourself to the Next Level of Being literally by your own bootstraps. I call this process of using the Higher Will of your own Higher Self in the life just ahead of you, “Hitching Your Wagon To A Star”, the Star in this case being your own Higher Self on the Next Level of Being, see???

The actual result is that you can accumulate Merit and that there is some sort of advancement in a work-sense for each individual as they become able to assume more and more responsibility for their work for The Work.

What is The Work? Forget all the B.S. you ever heard about it being too mysterious to mention. It’s merely the combined effort of all Awakened Beings toward the Perfection of All Beings Everywhere. It can be done, and it’s going quite well at the moment. If you’d like to join that effort, which will greatly alleviate the suffering of the Absolute, here’s exactly what you can do right now, this very minute:

1. Get into the Ashram — this requires that you download and install the second-life browser. They make it really easy, so easy a caveman can do it.

2. Don’t do anything else until you contact the Ashram Concierge at the Reception Desk for Newcomers. It’s right there when you first “rezz in” to the Ashram. Everything will be fuzzy and unfamiliar at first. It’s even easier if you call or email first and arrange for a guide to meet you at your selected time. There’s always someone available, anytime of day or night, for a guided tour.

3. You can get help choosing your Avatar’s appearance, to bring it into closer compliance with your World L3(15)a counterpart. We’ll talk all about World L3(15)a when you get into the Ashram and start allowing your Avatar to train you for a Higher Life, which is what it’s all about, Alfie.

And that’s it. There’s so much more to find out about, but that will all wait. The best part is getting there!!! You’ll never be an Ashram Noob again, so enjoy it while it lasts, which is about ten minutes of overwhelm at the wondrous Other-Worldly Environment of the Ashram. After the first ten minutes, you’ll feel right at home.

Once established at the Ashram, you’ll be given a Plasma Tank for your Avatar to rest in, and many Ashram activities will be available to you for your entrainment, as directed by your Avatar, who is ultimately your teacher. All others are merely guides. Don’t let anyone tell you different, or it’ll cost you cold hard cash and some measure of misery. Your teacher is your own Higher Self.

What’s the method?

Simple, easy as pie. You merely go along with the Avatar and do the stuff your Avatar does. You don’t even have to be at the wheel all the time…you can hook your Avatar up to an activity, such as T’ai-Ch’i, and go “AFK” (away from keyboard) while you’re at work!

The very best part about the Ashram I saved for last. If you’re still reading this, you get the prize:

You get to have your cake, and eat it, too!!!

Here’s exactly how: you get all the advantages of living on an Ashram without the pain of having to walk away from house and home and family in order to carry out your spiritual path. As I have said before, you can have some breakfast, walk around naked or in undershorts, sit down at your computer with a cup of coffee on a side-table, and place your Avatar into an Ashram Activity…say, a Circle Dance, have your coffee and donut, watch a little daytime TV, get ready for work, take your Avatar out of the Dance Circle and place it into a Movements Class, go to work, come home, have dinner, put your Avatar into the Plasma Tank for the night, and get some shuteye, so you can dreamwalk a while, still connected to the Ashram.

When you’re a member of the Ashram, you’re entitled to keep your Avatar there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Some fun events at the Ashram are the Halloween Come-As-You-Were Reincarnation Costume Ball, the Christmas Pageant, and the New Year’s Eve Dance Extravaganza.

One of the great advantages of being under the tutelage of your own Future Higher Self is that your Avatar will tend to look after you like a hen clucking after its young. Not to worry, everything that happens to you Under Tutelage will be exactly right for your development as a Work Avatar, known as a Bodhisattva.

Oh, dear, I do hope that’s clear.

Your Avatar will find upgrades for you, and will obtain for you initiations of various kinds, such as movements, meditations, and knowledge packets, data cells and more. Depend on yourself for your cleansing, freedom from organic cell-commands (Reproduce! Eat! Poop!) and for your steady advancement on your Work Path, which also means freedom from the Seduction Path.

It’s not necessary to attack the seductions directly; in fact, it doesn’t work, but you’ve already discovered that to be true. To be really rid of the organic addictions to sex, money, drugs, power and diet, you need to rid yourself of the tendency to succumb to them, and that means power beyond what you have, and that means, depend on your Avatar’s Will and Special Powers to pull you through. It also wouldn’t hurt to add your own efforts to the general mix, as in don’t push against your Avatar.

Your Avatar is trying to save you from drowning in organic life. It is most unwise to struggle against a lifeguard who is attempting to save you in spite of yourself. Relax, and let your Avatar do the driving for a refreshing change.

What activities are “right” for your Avatar? It’s easy to find out! What should your Avatar do at the Ashram? I just told ya, it’s easy to find out! But you have to be actually in the Ashram to ask the question and find out the answer.

See You At The Top!!!