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The Transference Talk

What Can You Do When You're Facing Death?

E.J. Gold & Claude Needham & Vilnis Vulfs

June 5, 2013

2 DVD set

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A student, from the 1970s, called saying that he felt his death was facing him square in the face. He realized he wasn't prepared and wished to speak with Mr. Gold. E.J. explained the reason to talk in front of the camera -- to really get a great answer to anything, you want it to be for a greater good than your own.

You're very lucky because you've had an experience you can hold and remember. It's called Morbidity -- it's a fear of death where you can actually feel your body dying. There's nothing anyone can do about the fact that you and I and everyone are going to die. And there's no question about when -- that's set, too. So you feel this thing is just dying right on you. The first question to ask yourself is, "How do I know this?" It's happened to you before; you recognize the symptoms. E.J. gave a key, a series of questions to ask yourself and examine, to get you through any really bad space.

There's no cure for death; you're going to die. But there is a remedy for life. In the Avatar's Handbook, which was re-published in The Lost Works, E.J. wrote about this core idea as creating a series of inner world chambers, and in that world, you would learn how to work. What he was describing is called Quantum, today, but then, there was no word commonly known for it.

You have only one opportunity, or slim chance, to use your life for anything other than to live until you die -- you're just waiting to die. You, like many, don't have the leisure time, the money, the ability, the energy to put yourself in an ashram to work, to harness yourself to karma yoga work. E.J. has created a virtual ashram where you can send your avatar, but you have to drive the car to get your avatar there to work. Consider what, in psychology, is called transference -- you become identified with and co-needful of someone and something. Somehow, where there was not before, there's now a connection called Quantum Entanglement or under the Laws of Magic, the Law of Contagion and the Law of Similarity.

Your avatar is real, it has a life, but to you, it is a bunch of pixels; you're just as unreal and weird to it. The relationship between you and your avatar is explained, i.e., what your avatar learns and how it is able to work, whereas you are not, what that relationship accomplishes for your consciousness, what it means to get paid and how being strapped to an avatar can set you up for your next incarnation.

Using the analogy of when first sampling a video game, the video clip shows a character in "demo mode". The whole of your life is a demo. You have to pull your character off of demo mode, and for that, you need higher help. Hitch your wagon to a star -- you are pulled up by a higher agency. How you can do this was explained in relation to having an avatar as a resident of the ashram. Your avatar is you in a different lifestream.

The model of master and apprentice was looked at. The master deliberately enslaves himself to the apprentice. With your help, your avatar learns the Work. Basically, you're a slave to your avatar. It's all about transfer of energy. What is the practice of yoga? Yoga means yoke. When you are yoked, there is a connector and energy is transferred to something useful.

You can't work for your own benefit. You have to work for the benefit of the higher, under a higher will and divine guidance. E.J. also refers to how to get yourself working for higher and higher work circles -- in angelology, angels or archangels.

But really, the only thing you can do about death and dying, while you have a chance, is to get yourself a place in the Work. If you're working for an avatar who is in the Work, you'll automatically go to that avatar, you'll be assigned to that avatar. You're as if in the Work, it looks like you're in the Work. To the Work, you look like a worker, and the Work will keep you in the Work.

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What Can You Do When You're Facing Death. EJ Gold, Claude Needham, Vilnis Vulfs

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