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PLS Master Deck

A PLS excursion into the depth of the Bardos and Beyond

What is the PLS Master Deck

The deck is the result of thousands of hours of work. Actually the card deck itself took less than a week. The thousands of hours were spent building the Bardotown models and constructing the elaborate scenes for Bardotown. This required around 1400 models.

Constructing the model buildings and using paint (along with natural materials) to weather the models was the easy part -- took a couple of years in total, but it was straightforward. The tricky bit was arranging the models and lighting to replicate Bardo scenes. E.J. Gold spent night after night for more than a year collecting photographs that not only captured the essential quality of the Bardos, but the photos were also able to convey that quality to the viewer.

And, thus, we bring you 128 of the hottest images for use in the PLS Course work.

What do I get with the PLS Master Deck?

The PLS Master Deck consists of 128 large (3 1/2" by 5 1/2") high quality cards. Each card has UV coating and a linen finish for years and years of normal use. That's it. Nothing else. Everything else is provided elsewhere.

A word from E.J. Gold about his PLS Master Deck

The whole idea is to get you skillful enough in the Bardos to be able to pick your way backwards through the third Bardos and then upscale to the second Bardo and then to the first part of it and into the clear light. You want to get into the Clear Light? That's where you want to go. If you miss it and keep missing it, you want to be able to backtrack. These are ways to do that. You need to learn these things at some point. This is a good thing to pick up, and if you knew those things, you wouldn't be in the mess you're in. You wouldn't be where you are. So you do need these things. You do need to learn. Lessons unlearned... guess what? They're repeated. So the PLS Course is very important.