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The Complete PLS Master Deck Kit

What you get in the Kit:

  • PLS Master Deck (128 cards)
  • Vaultz Case
  • Group Separator Cards
  • Dice
  • Card Holder
  • (cards are separate)

Price: $150

This case is a great size for housing the PLS Master Deck.

The Group Separator Cards work well to keep the A through L groups organized.

The dice work well with the deck for "randomly" selecting a card.

And the wire mesh card stand is excellent for holding an individual card while it is being used in a PLS session.

Additional Buying Options:

Accessories Kit Only -- Everything but the cards

Accessories Kit

Price: $50

This is everything from the Complete Kit -- EXCEPT the Cards. We offer this for those that already have a PLS Master Deck and would like to purchase an Accessories kit.

PLS Master Deck -- Cards Only

Use this link to buy the cards only

For those that wish to purchase the cards separately, we have provided a direct link to our manufacture.

Contact us if you have any questions using using our handy contact form.