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PLS A-Group

A PLS excursion into the depth of the Bardos and Beyond

What is the PLS A-Group?

The PLS Master Deck has 12 sub-groups A through L. The A-Group being sold separately from the complete PLS Master Deck as a courtesy.

Why offer the PLS A-Group as a separate product?

The cards in the A-Group are subject to much more usage than the other cards in the full PLS Master Deck. This extra usage means the A-Group cards will tend to show wear and tear faster than the rest of the Master Deck.

Why are the cards in the PLS A-Group subject to so much more usage than the other cards?

The beginning drills and exercises address the cards in the A-Group.

It is a fact of life that many more people availe themselves of the beginning exercises than will ever address the advanced work. No shame in that. It's just how it works.

Hence, as a courtesy to professional coaches, we offer the abbreviated deck known as the A-Group separately.

Is the A-Group only available to coaches?

Heck no, anyone can get themselves a copy of the A-Group. In fact, if you are just starting out this might be a good option. Get the A-Group. Work with it for awhile. Then, when you want to try some of the advanced work, get the PLS Master Deck.

What do I get with the PLS A-Group

The A-Group contains the exact same 9 cards found in the PLS Master Deck. The exact same. Only difference is you are not receiving the groups B through L.

Tell me more about the PLS A-Group

We recommend that you check out the info on the PLS Master Deck. Then reach out to us with any questions you may have.