Working for the liberation of all beings everywhere. Bringing higher consciousness to the planet, one eternal moment at a time.

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Labyrinth Readers Society

The Labyrinth Readers Society (a service of IDHHB, Inc.) is dedicated to the enablement of conscious living and dying, personal transformation, the attainment of higher personal, organizational and planetary consciousness, in service to the vision of a living universe.

LRS works with individuals and organizations to provide tools of service in these areas, to expand perception and awareness, and cultivate high attention and presence.

As technology changes, it is important for us to explore the new without abandonding the old -- embracing that which works.

The Clear Light

This website serves as reference and meeting point for members of the reading circle.

UrthGame Prosperity Path

"Check out some non violent spiritual video games on this page. Very low cost and good for the soul. Literally. These are not your average games and can actually enhance your journey through life. Imagine being able to game for evolutionary change." -- C.S.

"The orbs are very accessible to anyone who can handle a mouse. There is nothing to buy or believe in. No explanations to swallow, no books to read or materials to study. You just do it now. Its fun, easy, relaxing. And amazingly effective. -- N.T.