Working for the liberation of all beings everywhere. Bringing higher consciousness to the planet, one eternal moment at a time.

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Altar Spirit Guides

Made in clay for you by E.J. Gold. See beyond the veil. See how they flow from one dimension to another. Regain your being, regain the magic.

American Book of the Dead

The American interpretation of the timeless Tibetan spiritual classic is invaluable for anyone in spiritual crisis, preparing for death, or wishing to honor loved ones.

Caregiver Revolution

The Caregiver Revolution infuses caring for others with enthusiasm and hope. The book provides simple tools and techniques for organizing the home environment, creating a .care circle,. reducing stress, and practicing .here and now. mindfulness in the midst of the hectic caregiving environment.

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Angels Healing Journey

This is a practical and beautiful book of angelic prayers for help, for healing, and for guiding loved ones after their final passage, appealing to those who feel a close connection with the world of angels.

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The Great Adventure


This book of lively talks, including question and answer sessions, is a companion guide to The American Book of the Dead. In its practical and direct approach and its innovative perspectives on death, dying, and the integration of our own death into a conscious life, this book offers a keen insight into a contemporary western teaching.

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The Book of Sacraments


The Book of Sacraments, a book of prayers by E.J. Gold, has been released in trade paperback format by Gateways. The book is liberally illustrated with pieces from Gold's Guides in Charcoal Series, with each left page bearing a striking image from a charcoal by Gold and each right page bearing inspiring verse.

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The Lazy Man's Guide to Death & Dying


If you're thinking about dying, but don't know where to begin relax! Earthbound voyagers set adrift in the unveiled vision of higher dimensions will need this book.

The American Book of the Dead Guidebook by E.J. Gold

The American Book of the Dead Guidebook

by E.J. Gold | A Gateways Trade Paperback

Price: $19.95

This Revised Standard Practitioner's Edition is a facsimile edition reprinting of the 1975 original book by E.J. Gold that was hand typeset and printed by the author on the A.B. Dick 326 in the basement of Red House in Crestline, California.

"If not 'All and Everything,' much about 'the All of Everything' is contained in the pages of this book. Tread this path and know that you will enter the space where the model of the thing becomes the thing itself. The language and cadence of these compassionate instructions awaken a deep majesty, the majesty of a space that is too vast and eternal to fit into the confines of any one tradition. These instructions point to an objective reality that is pointing back at us. One's attention is drawn into the words and the familiarity and truth of what is being described sound a deep internal bell that reminds us of our inevitable awakening. The precision of these instructions gives the Reader ease in resonating with the Voyager as well as vital practice. They originate from an infinitely compassionate Source, and we are invited to participate in that compassion consciously. The descriptions of the chambers and their corresponding apparitions and radiations serve to train our awareness for our final passage. The beauty is that in learning about our death we are given valuable lessons to apply to our lives. Blessings on the author for his uncanny knack of indirectly pointing us directly to Reality and helping us keep our gaze steady." -- Kelly Rivera

"I love this version! It has the classic text in a beautiful format, including The Map -- the stages out of ordinary human consciousness, and The 18 Sunday Sermons. The sermons are written in 'pedestrian language' available to the 'man on the street' -- Wall Street, Main Street, any boulevard or avenue we find ourselves on. Plain language, with no special vocabulary, allows us to 'be released from limited human consciousness into spiritual consciousness' -- The Map. And as it says, '. . . it has been done, so you can do it too.' -- The Eighth Sunday Sermon." -- Patricia Elizabeth, D.D.