Working for the liberation of all beings everywhere. Bringing higher consciousness to the planet, one eternal moment at a time.

Labyrinth Readers Society

The Labyrinth Readers Society is a community of people dedicated to helping others through three primary services:

  • Being a Reader
  • Prosperity Path Work
  • Being With The Dying

Being a Reader

Doing readings from sacred texts for the benefit of others is the basis of the Labyrinth Readers Society. In 1975 a group of people who were familiar with the American Book of the Dead, which had recently been authored by EJ Gold, started doing readings from the text for the benefit of relatives and friends who were ill, in crisis, or dying. The practice, strengthened by sharing experiences and group input, caught on. Soon dozens of Labyrinth Readers were performing this service for their loved ones and friends. Over the years with over 100,000 copies of the American Book of the Dead now published in 5 languages in over 10 editions, the practice of Labyrinth Reading continues to grow. Several hundred trained and dedicated practitioners now perform readings. The archives of the LRS are available at it's library in Grass Valley California.

The practice of spiritual prayer and reading for others has a rich history. Among Church writers Tertullian is the first to mention prayers for the dead, not as a concession to natural sentiment, but as a duty: "The widow who does not pray for her dead husband has as good as divorced him." This passage dates from the beginning of the 3rd century. The Ars Moriendi, or Art of Dying which involved doing deathbed readings from small widely printed woodcut monographs was widespread in the 14th and 15th centuries where it was viewed that: "maintaining stability in one's faith in salvation in the face of death is the most important step to attaining salvation."

The LRS acknowledges the Christian beliefs and also Judaic, Buddhist and other Eastern influences. In these traditions prayers and readings from sacred texts can be performed by anyone and are not only seen as effective, but necessary.

The LRS offers professional reader's training in many forms and venues from printed "home based" courses, to individualized courses, to online, web based classes. The training covers, among other things, instruction in proper reading technique, reading in different (and difficult) situations, and how to strengthen and maintain contact with the being of the voyager during passage.

Prosperity Path Work

In addition to reading from sacred texts, it is possible (and very effective) for "readers" to use specially created video games to work for the benefit of all beings.

We have developed a method of using 3D immersion software for prayer. Speech (as in readings for the dead), chanting, music, and dance have long been used for sacred prayer. In fact all forms of human expression have been used at one time or another for sacred purposes. Running through a video game is yet another form of human expression that can now be used effectively for sacred prayer.

Being With The Dying

Being with those who are dying is the third arm of service and is a most rewarding experience -- an act of love and grace that is also performed by the Labyrinth Readers Society. Readers help with end of life planning, caregiver and family support, and even end of life celebration planning

Here, the actual activities are often performed by family and professional caregivers as supported by LRS members. There are now expanding networks of volunteers becoming involved in this rewarding work.

Mini F.A.Q.

Is it possible to work with more than one of the above services?

Absolutely yes. You will find that lessons and skills learned from one form of service will enhance your work with the others.

Is it necessary to work with all of the above to be of effective service?

No, not a requirement. Any one of the above is useful as a full and complete way of service. Use your own inclinations and common-sense to choose your path.

Do I have to be an expert?

It is true that training and experience will enhance your ability to be of service. However, even a total beginner can be of service.

Are there any special skills required?

A kind heart and willingness to be of service to others is all that is required. Everything else is just refinement -- making good better.

Can I do this part-time?

The attitude of willingness and service that comes from a kind heart and willingness to be of benefit to all beings is something that sticks with you once you find it within yourself. However, the ways in which this manifest are different and changeable. So, yes, you can do this form of service part-time. Many Readers will read once in the morning and once in the evening -- that being the full extent of their reading. Prosperity Path Workers may run a couple of short orbs during their coffee break at work then continue with the rest of their day. The levels of commitment are personal and varied, and whatever works for you will definitely be helpful to those you are doing this work for.

List of Activities

Following is a sample list of activities that the LRS offers. This list is a partial snapshot from a recent events directory.

Daily Practice (readings)Prosperity Ashram Meditation Circle, outside Ganesh Temple - Monday to Friday 4:30am

Daily Practice, Meditation - Stonehenge Circle 6:00 am

ABD/LRS Practitioners Course - Sundays 3pm - Prosperity Ashram outside the Ganesh Temple at the Zen Bell Meditation Garden

Clear Light Group readings - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:45, Sundays at 10:30 in the Prosperity Ashram, outside the Ganesh Temple

Energy Meditation Circles - Monday 3:30 and Wed at 2:00pm - Prosperity Ashram,

Group Clear Light Orb Run - Tuesdays 7pm - Prosperity Ashram at the Stonehenge Circle

American Book of the Dead readings - Fridays 7pm - Prosperity Ashram, Chen Rig Temple:

The Ongoing Reading Circle. Everywhere and anywhere. This is where you read/repeat or run the Reader's Invocation and Clear Light Reading for about a half hour wherever you are knowing that readers all over the world are doing it at that same time with you. Tuesday 12:30pm, Friday 10pm. Some folks gather in the ashram to do this reading, location tba

American Book of the Dead - reading and discussion of the text. Wednesdays 7pm - Livestream TV:

The Patti Show - readings from different texts. Sundays 6:45pm Livestream TV:

Upcoming Events and Projects:

  • Angels Healing Journey readings To emphasize the healing service aspect of the AHJ text. Healing is a modality for the AHJ and for the ashram.
  • Sunday Sermons TBA
  • Book of Sacraments readings TBA
  • How a Community Deals with Death - an ongoing book project gathering archives of the LRS