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E.J. Gold's Working in the Waking State II Workshop">

Working in the Waking State Workshop II with E.J. Gold

6 DVD Set | Approx. 6 hours

Price: $149.95

If you read what this is actually about, how could you not want to hear E.J. Gold's words on this very potent aspect of the Work, because they are so specific, so direct on so many topics .... -- M.K., Core Group

Disc 1

The Waking State - What is it, why do we do it?
The essence of the Great Work
Alchemical cleansing in order to enter the Waking State
Learn how to handle the Waking State by learning how to sleep
Utilize the 'Get me down from here' principle
Waking State Game Theory

Disc 2

How to laugh and have a good time in the Waking State
The Waking State as Surrender
The Waking State and love
Rationalizing yourself into sleep = Objective Prayer
ESD is a tool in the Waking State
If you're in the F.O.G. you might as well love it
The secret is to accept that it's a really convincing illusion
Things you can do to get down from here

Disc 3

Training yourself for death by going into the Waking State as often as possible
Cycles, their importance, and how to use them
More remedies for the Waking State Obligado - eating as much God as you possibly can
Waking State and chivalry

Disc 4

Comments on Wikipedia
Necromancy and the Waking State
Using Character Classes in the Waking State
Using ESD loops in the Waking State
More on cycles and how to use them
Agape and the Waking State
The importance of noticing changes in the Waking State

Disc 5

In-depth instruction on using ESD in the Waking State
Learn how to voluntarily take the cross for a single second in the Waking State
The importance of repetition
The Invisible Learning Process and having fun in the Waking State

Disc 6

Using the ESD loops as a tool - it's not the form
By denying yourself a path, you'll be forcing some things to occur
Bluelining to learn the underpinnings of magic
Underneath all physical attributes of the universe, is dancing energy, which is dancing sound
Learning to use the tools in whichever situation you find yourself in
The Waking State takes practice - take one second a day
Learn how to open up your sense of adventure
Different methodologies to teach you how to cool out in the Waking State
ESD loops as a training area