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Working in the Waking State

An Introductory Talk by E.J. Gold"

Working in the Waking State


Price: $29.95 | Running time: approximately 2 hours

From the Core Group talk:

"The waking state is the true remembrance of the self, the I, as God -- God the Absolute which is beyond description, beyond Godness, beyond Absoluteness; tag you're it. When you accept the tag, you tag yourself. You tag yourself as it. When you do that, you assume responsibility for Godness."

Working in the Waking State

(2 CD Set)

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Testimonials from Core Group:

"This is the one! In 14 years of attending core group meetings, I have never experienced a more lucid and direct presentation of what this Work is all about. Key concepts, such as the Waking State, the Work, 'Remembering,' etc. get precisely defined and elaborated with maximum clarity. Exercises included experientially underscore some of the main points in an immediate fashion. Games are given for future research. Some of this material hasn't been presented for years, if at all, for example, a look at the gradations of the waking state. Some of the ideas sound quite technical and will keep me reviewing this material for quite awhile. I expect to encounter the time release effect with this talk, wherein, understanding flowers, with accompaning 'Aha's!' over a period of time. An absolute must for anyone serious about this work." -- Oz Fritz

"We left the Sunday talk in a state of shock. E.J. covered topics from 'who or what is God' to 'what the work is' and 'What healing radiations do for us' I urge anyone who has ever worked with E.J. Gold not to miss this amazing opportunity to penetrate the secrets of his work." -- Neville Throckmorton