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Waveform Concert Video -- Benefit for IDHHB

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Waveforms Concert Video

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Featuring the music of:
Berni LaPlant, Tom Dietzel, Tito Rios, Brian Nelson, Jim Rodney, Robbert Trice

About the Concert

WAVEFORMS an interactive benefit music concert for IDHHB to support their mission of Working for the liberation of all beings.

This concert was nurtured into being by an amazing team -- led by Wilson Cloudchamber.

In a real sense, this concert is 'continental', featuring live streamed performances from Berni Laplant in Argentina, Tom Dietzel in Canada, musicians Tito Rios & Brian Nelson in New Mexico and Jim Rodney & Robbert Trice in Nevada County, California.

Why call it waveforms? Researchers have detected a resonant "hum" produced by the gravitational waves in the Universe. The gravitational waves can be imagined as the song of the Universe. In the Waveforms performances, you may hear music that transmits the unknowable, a frequency of forever, and the heartbeat of creation.

Thank you to all the wonderful musicians who have dedicated their time, talents and presence for this event.

The concert was a huge success. The audience experienced a wide spectrum of music from the assembled musicians. Each musican contribution hit the mark perfectly.

  • Patricia C: "Incredibly beautiful...deeply touches my heart and soul
  • Jim D: "sight and sound extravaganza!"
  • Renee J: AWESOME!
  • Paula A: 'soothing and uplifting'
  • Jim B: "Joyful!
  • Heather E: "Genesis and Revelation together."