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Ring Mastery

with E.J. Gold

DVD 403

Price: $39.95

2 DVD Set

"A complete ring-making kit is available to use with this private Ring Mastery DVD which has closeups of all the right moves. It really is all about the moves, not about the product. Keep that in mind as you work with the rings and, in fact, all the wire and embossing work.

"Actually, it's all a dance. The whole universe is one writhing ball of dance and song. You should see and hear it from out where I live -- thank the Nine Gods I'm always practicing my bagpipes at that time, so it doesn't affect me much.

"My rings are made by the Paleolithic Method of Ring-Crafting without solder, without a torch, without casting, without heat and without high polishing. The entire ring is fabricated from wire. The ring shank is formed from heavy special jewelry-grade copper wire, and so is the thinner wrapping wire that secures the stone within the ring.

"Each ring is entirely handmade, with no power tools whatever -- only a needle-nosed pliers and a flush-cutter, that's all the equipment I ever use for these, plus a polishing cloth, because all my rings are hand-polished, never machine-polished, and always by me personally, to insure the best vibes possible.

"Each ring is Purified and Blessed, then packaged up in my special 'fixed specimen' super-clear packaging. That's the real secret to my jewelry sales -- SUPER CLEAR packaging that can easily be scanned for online sales and seen by passers-by in street, boutique or gallery sales."

-- E.J. Gold, excerpted from GorebaggsWorld.

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Ring Mastery

Instant (mp4) download $(34.95)

You are really getting two DVDS in one:

The the first part is about a hour motivational talk that is great summary of three thing you need to get the ball rolling. Preserved on DVD for repeat viewing whenever you feel a little stuck.

The second part of the DVD the ring making. Three things that stand out is what size to make the horns of ring is shown in a easy to remember way. It shows that making the loops is actually a two step process and he slows it down and repeats many times. Also is revealed is how to warp the 20 ga wire around the ring was a real eye-opener for me.

These are three things that stood out for me others thing might stand out for you. These are things that I was struggling with that I now feel very confident to work with going forward. I now feel like I could even make rings at fairs in front of people which is something I never would've attempted before watching this DVD.

Thank you!! Kevin