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photo of DVD cover of Ride That Carousel

Ride That Carousel

E.J. Gold, Jimmi Accardi & Bob Bachtold

Price: $29.95

Christmas of '93 -- a time for gathering of old friends and hot, live recording sessions in E.J. Gold's private studio -- a songwriter's and musician's heaven, or the next best thing.

Of course, as with most albums, there are several different sessions and mixes. And what better audience than the songwriters and musicians gathered for the holidays at E.J. Gold's?

Unfortunately, the last song was not filmed. Video footage from the "playback" session on the following day was used here instead.

photo of musicians working on Ride That Carousel photo of musicians working on Ride That Carousel

All songs © 1993 - '97 James Accardi / E.J. Gold, BMI. Lyrics booklet included with the video. Produced by E.J. Gold. Jimmi Accardi-guitar, keyboards; Bob Bachtold - drums; Bob Canatsey - horns; E.J. Gold - vocals, keyboards; Oz Fritz-recording & mix engineer; Robbert Trice & Marvette Kort - cameras; Gen. Nunan - post production; Barbara Haynes - cover design; Morgan Fox Agency - public relations & permissions; Cover Art: "The Pied Piper of Carousels," E.J. Gold, acrylic on canvas, © 1995 E.J. Gold © 1997 Cloister Recordings.