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Top Recommended DVDs"

The DVD titles recommended in the "IDHHB DVD Catalog - Recommendations from Cloister Recordings" were selected because:

  • They deliver potent keys for overcoming obstacles in your work.
  • They draw a theoretical map of various different work ideas so that practical application is evident.
  • They offer a viewing experience that lifts you out of your personal space and connects you to a shared space that inspires one to move forward in your work, often giving a direction.

Some of the DVDs E.J. has specifically identified as essential to see and work with for the purpose of developing certain work skills.

These are only a handful of great talks and workshops that E.J. Gold has orchestrated in recent years. Each title has a summary which may provide a wealth of material to read and ponder. However, a summary does not give the full picture, nor can it capture the rhythm and timing of how the invocation unfolds. We offer you a provocative peek at what was recorded.

In the catalog itself, each DVD title has a link for anyone wishing to order online. Please use the link below to download your free copy of this 26-page IDHHB DVD Catalog.

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Click Here to Download PDF "Recommended DVDs