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photo of dvd cover of Setting Up a Reading Space and Doing a Reading using the American Book of the Dead with Patricia Elizabeth

Setting Up a Reading Space & Doing a Reading

Recorded during The Pattie Show in 2009 on GOREBAGGTV

2 DVD set $29.95

Instant (mp4) download $(24.95)

Download Audio of E.J. Gold Reads the American Book of the Dead

This recording of E.J. Gold reading The American Book of the Dead is a must-listen for those interested in death and dying and those that seek to live an awakened life.

Pat Elizabeth demonstrates in detail how to set up your Reading Space, which refers to both the external as well as internal space for doing readings from the American Book of the Dead. Various items and their purpose, as well as the purpose for having an altar in the first place are explained. A number of available texts used for readings are shown. The demonstration includes the cleansing procedures, questions and answers from the audience about altars and readings and then Pat does do a demonstration of the reading of the Clear Light Prayer. For anyone interested in or doing Readings, this is an invaluable help and highly recommended for beginners as well as advanced Readers.

Elizabeth and the Angels Healing Journey

Patricia Elizabeth is an outstanding expert in the field of Death & Dying. She has worked with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and E.J. Gold, and is recognized for her skill in guiding voyagers through the state of transit between death and rebirth, who are dying, traumatized, or are in critical transitions.

Patricia Elizabeth 
demonstrating a reading from the American Book of the Dead