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Movements Clinic (2020)

Movements Clinic (2020)


This two-week Movements Clinic was recorded live in Zoom.Tabatha Jones opens both weeks performing the Movements postures and transitions, created by E.J. Gold, to the soundtrack Venusian Sandstorm from the album Venus Rising. This 16-minute music mp3 is included in the download bundle.

These two sessions include both demonstrations and time for individual practice and questions. Also shown are eight warm up exercises which will help improve balance.

It is recommended while watching and practicing The Movements to:

1) Observe, sense your own movements and your balance. One is aiming to be moving in a continuous flow from one posture to the next.

2) Split your attention so you can notice how Tabatha very briefly marks the posture, then flows into the transition, and then, into the next posture. Try to stay in rhythm with this flow.

This Movements Clinic was designed particularly as a tool for establishing one's individual practice and study of The Movements -- the four sets of postures with their transitions.

Running time is approximately 2 hours.

The complete album of Venus Rising is available from Faxl Music on Band Camp at

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Movements Clinic (2020)

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