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Introduction to the Rhythmics

E.J. Gold & T. Jones

This 2-DVD set includes DVD 404 & DVD 405

DVD 404 - Introduction to the Rhythmics (approx. 42 mins.)

DVD 405 (excerpt) Beginning Afghani Rhythmics Demo a.k.a. Advanced Rhythmics (3:46)

Price: $29.95

This introductory DVD presents four of the practices that are part of the I.D.H.H.B. work line entitled The Movements training. Disc 1, includes The Obligatories referred to as the Neophite Series, The Rhythmics, The Movements Series and The Beginning Afghani Rhythmics.

Tabatha Jones presents the Rhythmics as the simple postures and moves gradually into the Beginning Afghani Rhythmics with E.J. Gold calling off each change. Gold, Claude Needham and Dick Hart provide the music bed, the underlying rhythm for training in the skill.

This 42-minute excerpt from the Movements Workshop on Sun., Nov. 26, 2017, also provides a review of the Movements postures with the transitions throughout the four series performed by Tabatha Jones and assisted by Paula Galindo.

An added special feature is E.J. teaching balance exercises that will develop some of the skills required for this moving meditation.

If you are interested in The Ancient Sacred Dance Movements and want to take your practice to the next level, this DVD is for you.

Disc 2 Beginning Afghani Rhythmics a.k.a. Advanced Rhythmics Demo, offers an excerpted demo (3:46) of the Beginning Afghani Rhythmics with Tabatha where she performs each of the postures, which are captured from 4 different angles, accompanied by the drums, that provide the right pace for one to follow along.

"Harmonize your being with this stupendous practice. You can do it for 5 minutes a day and see results." — P. G.

"It’s an easy way to learn each segment of The Movements practice." — M.K.

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Introduction to the Rhythmics DVDs

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