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Memory, Focus, Attention -- Coinology Is The Answer

DVD 406

E.J. Gold, Patricia Elizabeth and Claude Needham

1-DVD Recorded in Gorby's Cafe February 27, 2018: $24.95

Word had spread that Patricia Elizabeth was having lunch with E.J. Gold in Gorby's Cafe to ask a work question. Those who were able to get an invitation to Burger Tuesday came to lunch filling the cafe, sitting in close quarters off camera.

Given below are some succinct specific directions recommended to apply in one's daily work effort.

A daily Coinology practice combined with a guitar practice act together to polish yourself and help souls get off the wheel.

Once you drop the body at death, what really counts is what you left here, what you passed on to others.

The context of this talk is Patricia's question to "Management" about what she can do to focus, get clarity and work with her attention now that her energy level has decreased and her capacity to go out to work in the world has declined.

Coinology is a solo occupation and can be done pretty much anywhere. Working with coinology requires splitting one's attention and holding multiple focuses which by reflex improve the memory.

A mere 5 minutes per day guitar practice creates an optimal environment for a smooth, gentle flowing effect on one's atmosphere.

"I had the good fortune to be in the space where this talk took place, and I was inspired and moved by it, so I started the Coinology practice. To my surprise, its effect on me was very fast. A sense of calmness and grounding started growing everyday. My capacity to think and make clear decisions has improved. Combining it with playing guitar has brought a sense of inner joy and harmony." -- P.A., Awaken Body & Mind Therapist, Nevada City, CA

"A clear and concise explanation of what Coinology is and why one would use it as part of one's daily practice. An action step is easy from here." -- M.K., Graphic Designer, Grass Valley, CA