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Break Through Cruise Control with Waking State Exercise

DVD 395

E.J. Gold & Claude Needham

Single DVD ICW Oct. 17, 2015 $24.95

One of the things that may be beneficial to ask yourself, if indeed you are one of the curious self-conscious is how well would you do, indeed, would you pass, what Claude refers to as the Turing Test -- basically, a test to determine an A.I.'s human beingness? Of the many issues discussed, consider such questions as: Do I have, and am I developing basic Being skills? Have I identified my fears and hungers? To what degree have I been neither an enemy nor ally to others? How non-judgmental have I been and do events truly verify these conclusions? Extended to others, on any level, do you have an intention of and/or are you intentionally creating, any miracles in your life?

There are some very fundamental automatic/auto-pilot aspects to this universe -- this world. Auto Pilot probably infers you can switch to manual. Of course, going to manual holds the expectation that you know what you are doing.

E.J. discusses where he differs from Gurdjeiff on sleep and the waking state. The term auto pilot or cruise control indicates sleep and switching to manual ... or "Breaking Through Cruise Control" indicates allowing the waking state.

E.J. details step-by-step an exercise using wrist malas, your hands, Blue Line training, and specific perceptual attentions to enter and come out of a waking state experience.

Also included are The Movements, Quantum Weird Beads and E.J.'s recommendation to see The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension.

.I see the exercise given as very valuable and one that directly ties game building directives to the essential, reaffirming an awakening experience, knowingly re-entering this reality . automaticity . and personally advancing, at least to some degree, self-ownership. I highly recommend to those who are ready and need this DVD . .Break Through Cruise Control with Waking State Exercise.. . Bill Albin