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Identification Is a Skill ~ Self Observation Without Judgment

DVD 394

E.J. Gold & Claude Needham

2-DVD set ICW Oct. 17, 2015 $29.95

The main topic in disc one is "identification". E.J. states and redefines what he means by identification. "One is locked into, one is fused with, one is one with identification, one feels connected to the identity of the thing that is being identified with" and "... in really simple terms, in a video game, the character is you, you feel that bond ... you're going to have multiple characters ... representatives ... because you do have." And again, "If you're stuck in the mind-body (a single thing) in space-time (again, a single thing) where you are only the character and not the player ..." without recognition that "... you can play the character as a character -- you can walk off the set ... yet, you do not see that option," that is identification.

There is a choice point -- to continue on automatic or to consciously choose to identify -- "a cognitive choice". Being alive involves "a skill to intentionalize identification -- giving yourself power to be really alive." E.J. offers a specific gaming self-invocation. He explains how empathy and compassion relate to intentional identification, and he points to indicators of illness, including what a good intentional identification percentage would be.

"If ... you wish to increase your ability to Help -- become more voluntarized." E.J. speaks of right action and what it is and how that relates to identification with the character. If you understand the Universe is automatic, that the creation is automatic, it's your response to creation that's critical, that makes the difference of whether you have any evolutionary potential. He continues to talk about the nature of the work and explains it in relation to the "reserve slot" function available to "Admin" on a game server for the game Team Fortress.

The second disc continues with Claude discussing the present video game environment and how and why it contrasts with the games E.J.'s team is generating. He further explains the comparison by offering a notable magical differentiation observed about two magicians in the recommended movie, "The Raven" with Vincent Price and Peter Lorre.

E.J. speaks about what the ego needs and that one's ego motivations mean nothing. The ego is there because you're afraid to not let it be there. Knowing you can operate without it is empowerment.

Proceeding to the crux of this talk, E.J. states "the first step is to observe oneself without judgment -- observing the machine as it is -- without changing it." He gives a very specific "big" reason for intentionally identifying with the machine, the organic body, and asks how much responsibility can you take? Again he talks of right action, very specifically, and about taking responsibility for one's life. He reiterates self observation "without a shred of self-judgment" and "don't mess with it." -- what's observed -- suggesting one go on a program of "a 30 day self observation" -- just try it.

He speaks of "seeing past the eyes", "seeing without the eyes", and "seeing how you see". E.J. points to the writing practice, PLS (Parallel Life Survey), panning parties (gold panning), guitar lessons, the French Drop (performing stage magic) and proceeds to spending the final twenty minutes detailing the "miracle wand" magic trick as just some of the practices one can engage oneself in breaking through and amplifying one's intentions and efforts toward self observation.

"Again, another highly recommended double DVD set delivered by E.J. Gold's team." -- Bill Albin