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Benefits of Running Bardo Station Orbs

DVD 393

E.J. Gold & Claude Needham

2-DVD set ICW Oct. 17, 2015 $29.95

At the beginning of the second disc, E.J. states, "There are a lot of things that have happened to you in the course of your existence that you can't get at because they happened before you were born, happened before your body was started, before it's even conceived. These things happened to you outside this universe in a non-phenomenal situation, a non-phenomenal event." Outside your body's time and space, there's no direct or accidental access, no way to "... get at the controls, your hands on the controls ..." of those things -- "impingements," "impacts" -- that happened outside this universe.

He continues, "there is a conveyance -- something that can get you to that non-phenomenal space" ... on psychedelics he says, "psychedelics can show you what you should be doing, but don't allow you to do it."

For multiple reasons, the universe as a "living cyber organism" is presently accessible via our computers. Gaming orbs are being generated that address a prioritized list of 140 Bardo Station "impacts". As E.J. says, "Healing is required ..." in this "bang-up universe," basically because of extended histories involving these (non-phenomenal -- phenomenally expressed) impacts.

Accessing and successfully running these orbs takes you from helpless wanderer to soul ownership -- contributing significantly to your enlightenment. E.J. delves into why the gaming orb is able to be effective in solving organic bodily impingements / impacts -- in other words, how the quantum, or what in the past has been labeled magic, can be accessed and consciously handled with our individual phenomenal organic bodies. There's a very real urgency -- as in pulling off the leeches sucking one's higher being blood -- which running the Bardo Station orbs addresses. He reiterates that you "can't train yourself during the event", "lessons unlearned will be repeated", and that "impacts of the in-between-life-state are much more than you suppose."

Would you care to hear about organic and spiritual DNA? Bath salts as magical crystals for quantum effects? Uses of the piezo effect or maybe more about Atlantis? These topics and more are covered in this 2-DVD set.

"I'd highly recommend this ICW on DVD entitled Benefits of Running Bardo Station Orbs." -- Bill Albin