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Gold Fever Workshop - Om Mani Pan Me Gold

DVD 392

E.J. Gold & Claude Needham

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  • Full Workshop (Entire set 10 DVDs) Price: $118.95
  • Saturday only (Set 5 DVDs) Price: $69.95
  • Sunday only (Set 5 DVDs) Price: $69.95
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Full Workshop (Entire set 10 DVDs) Price: $118.95

Saturday only (Set 5 DVDs) Price: $69.95

Sunday only (Set 5 DVDs) Price: $69.95

Text for Gold Fever Workshop Discs Aug. 1st - 2nd 2015

Disc 1 Sat 8/1/15

  • The differences between prospecting and mining
  • Panning as a practice is independent of prospecting
  • Shift from prospecting to recovering gold and methods to do so
  • Options for further steps
  • Karmic winds pull you forward
  • In the Work, you're anchored to your next destination

Disc 2 Sat. 8/1/15

  • Gold is heavy
  • Rather than prospect, get pay dirt.
  • Kinds of pay dirt available from Prosperity Mine
  • Make your mine head payoff -- make jewelry
  • Set up the appearance of a mine head in an urban setting

Disc 3 Sat. 8/1/15

  • Look at the nature of the gold -- nuggets, flakes, fines or flower gold
  • Questions to ask about your efforts: 1) What kind of income are you not bringing in in order to develop a source of gold? 2) How trusted is the source? 3) How much gold did you get out? 4) What's the weight and nature of the gold you got? 5) How hard was it to separate the gold out?
  • Panning as a fundraiser
  • Panning is a profound teaching with a lot of revelation built into it
  • You're externalizing the job going on inside
  • Helena, Phredd, Jazzy, Paula and Garrett say what you need to know about panning

Disc4 Sat. 8/1/15

  • How to pan.
  • Water is your friend.
  • The cons and scams used at a carnival to take advantage of people they call "chumps"
  • The fundraiser has to be a straight game
  • How to present gold panning to appeal to the gaming nature of people so as to use it for fundraising and/or panning parties
  • "Proxy panning"
  • How the spiral works

Disc 5 Sat. 8/1/15

  • The process of performing the mine head run called Nuggets or Nothing.
  • Phredd and Helena partner to perform the first run
  • Catching gold
  • Excerpt from Faxl's performance later that day for the workshop.

Disc 1 Sun. 8/2/15

  • New offerings from the Cloister Kitchen
  • The term on automatic to indicate whether you're active as a being, awake, or you're "numbing out" Interesting talk about the universe
  • Living organic life only matters to the organic
  • Align yourself with higher beings and some of their purposes which involve space-time discontinuum can be known
  • All Quarter Maintainers have the job of picking out universes

Disc 2 Sun 8/2/15

  • Covax metal detector
  • Developing panning skills will help you to understand the connection with exalted beings
  • What you are after with the panning exercise will help you to acclimatize to an exalted state you will one day have to endure
  • Suffering is caused by violence
  • He revealed one of the higher beings' purposes and how one could work toward that aim
  • The fact that gold exists on this planet is important

Disc 3 Sun 8/2/15

  • Non-identification is better said as non-attachment
  • Triggering your Buddhahood.
  • E.J. said what our job is
  • No matter what the profession, you can turn it into a prayer wheel.
  • Harmonic matching with a simple physics explanation
  • How to bring one closer to exalted states
  • Rising in the exalted levels is encouraged because those jobs are needed and available

Disc 4 Sun 8/2/15

  • You have an ally in gold panning
  • You're trying to illuminate the universe, literally
  • Hook yourself up -- that's alpha -- and to turn yourself on -- that's theta....
  • The Kingdom of Heaven, which is right here in a different plane
  • Learn to tolerate infinity and eternity without fear and great apprehension, or self worries or self concerns
  • You don't want to lose a universe, to flush a universe down the drain
  • Being a Bodhisattva
  • What it means to be in the waking state
  • The mine head operation was set up to run

Disc 5 Sun 8/2/15

  • Running the mine head with the spiral
  • E.J. gives step by step instruction on how to pan
  • E.J. outlines three important things to know when trying to recover gold
  • E.J. gives a demo of quick contest panning
  • Analysis of doing a mine head run which the group has already started
  • It's going to yield four nugget lockets which should yield about $200.00 each
  • Observe the rhythm of the spiral and stay in rhythm
  • How the spiral works to recover gold
  • E.J. recaps the workshop and directs viewers to for instructional videos he has made on gold panning
  • An excerpt from Faxl playing live "Green Felt Below Me."