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It Takes One to Know One

DVD 290

E.J. Gold & Claude Needham

1-DVD ICW April 20, 2013: $24.95

In order for experiential data to be stored, you have to personally experience the experience. Secondhand experience is not experience -- it's hearsay, it's historical data, it's anecdotal. Hearing about something is not the same as being there. If you want something such as a skill, a memory, or knowledge to last from lifetime to lifetime -- para-lifetime -- it can't be hearsay only, or what you talked about, or read about or anecdotal. Discussion, prattle, mental chatter do nothing. It must be personal experience personally experienced.

It's all about the MoveAct Code. When the experiencer, or player, is in motion, all the captures are written to the higher file. You can intentionally write to beyond the .ini to the .exe file -- actually it's a pocket file within the .exe file -- but it is yours within the .exe. It's vastly, vastly superior to the .ini file.

This led to a discussion about things existing in orders, archons, in steps and relating Urthgame -- specifically the reality you're familiar with -- to a particular Team Fortress 2 video game, on a particular server, in one of the maps which would be modified by the map and the server's rules. The server set-up has a lot of control over the game, imposing important nuances, regulating how it comes out.

In addition, the differentiation was clearly made between saving to a higher file rather than to the local file or local memory. Local memory is just what you happen to have on board at any given moment, and it's modified constantly to whichever alternative reality you happen to be in, to whatever dimension you happen to be sitting in right now. It can change from hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second. And it modifies so you'll always be where you always have been -- this is who I always have been . . . this is me . . . this is my world. E.J. says "bull-pucky" to that customary perception of reality.

Your Being is the player. Your body, mind, emotion, reaction package -- that's the bot. The Being is not smart; the Being is wearing a smart bot. Being is an imposition on the Universe. The Universe didn't ask for nor invite Being. It's simply mechanical. The Universe goes about its mechanical processes. It doesn't have any heart, any soul. It's all knee-jerk reactions.

You are the sum totality of your experience; that's what defines you right now. Your work worthiness is measured by the skills you have learned in the Work that you are able to use or are willing to use, for the sake of the Work, for the benefit of all Beings everywhere. That's the highest possible thing you can have. You have several levels of aims. These levels were explained by an analogy for a system of making efforts to achieve merit. Several levels of merit were identified. Merit was differentiated from value.

Being shamanic was characterized in contrast to being dominated by the machine. The question of spotting another player was discussed. Soul mate was defined. What's important from the Work's point of view was explained. Listening to the ring of your own soul was talked about. And in relation to this, a couple of excellent exercises were demonstrated. The key role compassion plays was also revealed.