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Demons Runnin' Through Me / Coin Search

DVD 288

E.J. Gold & Claude Needham

2-DVD ICW September 29, 2012: $29.95

"How can you start a coin business without a penny to your name?" E.J. is searching pocket change coins to prove that it can be done. In-circulation currency includes coins that far exceed their face value -- some by hundreds, less commonly by thousands and even less commonly by millions. "In Lincoln Memorials," E.J. remarked, "Gem Bright Uncirculated is the only thing that will 'pass muster.'" Also, while searching coins, look at the degree of involvement of the observer. You have a choice between looker and observer -- looking is not seeing.

Working with the coins is subtle. Coins are a time machine. You can make little side jumps, little at a time, if you know what you're doing. E.J. suggested putting collections of coins together representing people related in some way -- historically or by fame, in their area of distinction. For example, E.J. has put together Indian Head pennies representing many of the notorious characters of the Old West -- lawmen and outlaws. By handling these coins, you get connected with these time frames.

From E.J.'s blog site -- -- "Demons Runnin' All Through Me" posted Sept. 26, 2012 was read. Essentially, the question is: Can I stop those inner demons? Will it ever get quiet in my head?

All modern psychology is designed to suppress or isolate the bad thoughts and memories you don't want. It's dedicated to keeping those things from bothering you. How is it accomplished? By psychological and chemical bludgeoning. Those memories that bother you tend to be the initial encounters, the earliest to virtual or virtual to actual to virtual, or A to B to C or C to B to A, where B is actual reality and A and C are virtual reality. There is a coupling factor, but it's not direct linkage. Current medical field research demonstrates this concept. And, through Quantum Entanglement, you can affect your internal virtual reality by using the outside virtual reality. (See DVDs from "Reincarnation Awareness / Prosperity Path Workshop from June 2012" for in-depth explanations of these principles.)

The video games made by E.J. are for magical reasons and contain magical tools. When asked, "What do you mean by magic?" E.J. described the ritual of the Catholic church. The priest picks up the reliquary and secretes it in the altar -- a magical act. The priest pronounces a blessing over a wafer transforming it into Christ's body. Eating the body of Christ gives power in the magical sense. Wine is transformed into the blood of Christ to drink -- a magical act.

In the games E.J. produces, there's magical intent and magical skills contained within. You have to activate them; you have to decide these into action. Your activity in the game produces a definite profound result.

In altered states, you may have noticed you're not in control -- it goes by a program that comes to an end -- just as the machine (HBM) goes by a program that comes to an end. You may notice you are pushed by Karmic Winds constantly in the Bardo. That Karmic Wind is the ghost of the machine. If your machine got its way your whole life, then the ghost of the machine will have its way in the in-between-lives state. In the same way you can have a phantom limb -- an amputee can feel it -- you'll have a phantom body still wrapped around you while you are trying to traverse the Bardos.

We're trying to warn you. You do not want to be wrapped in a human body with all the human reactions in the in-between-lives state. You have to train to not have that on you. You can train in the Orbs. All the Prosperity Path Orbs (available from use some form of karma reduction. As you are now, you cannot control your machine away from panic or various hungers. It's always active, always looking for a new partner, even if you're in a relationship. The only way to get control of the machine is to be first convinced you need to. E.J. can't convince you. No one but yourself can convince you of this.

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