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Prosperity The Introduction

DVD 285

E.J. Gold & Claude Needham

2-DVD Set ICW June 2, 2012 $29.95

If you could have anything you wanted, what precisely would it be? E.J. Gold has a method for you to decide on a goal and achieve it -- all you need to do is use it.

E.J. read his blog on "Finding True Happiness, True Love, Perfected Liberation . . . " from June 2, 2012. "Imagine a world in which you could find anything you wanted -- True Love, True Happiness, Total Wellness, Balanced Life, Success, Money, Fame, Ultimate Sexual Experience, Soul Mate, Social Acceptance, Parental Acceptance, Self-Acceptance, Analyst Acceptance, Rocking Self-Esteem, Aura Intensity, Charisma, Strength, Dexterity, Artistic License and hundreds more . . ."

Prosperity, a tool E.J. is introducing, is a very profound way to act out your affirmation or prayer in cyberspace, thus sending it directly into the Spirit World as well as the Profane. "A layman's way of saying it is 'As Above, So Below'. The professional secret is the second line, 'As Below, So Above'. You can affect the player within the game, just as the player can affect YOU, inside the unimaginably huge super-game called The Universe . . ."

Using Prosperity, you have direct access to potent achievable goals. Acting it out safely gives you power. A safe environment is important. You're moving yourself around in a different way for a different purpose operating yourself outside your body -- a slight astral projection. Eventually you get used to it. You learn to prefer it or tolerate it with a video game that you can go in and out of.

You get an "orb", a safe universe to play in. An orb is a world in itself, a complete universe, a cybernetic world with real beings. You're looking into a world with real cybernetic beings that actually have a life of their own. If you don't understand that, you don't understand video gaming -- what it can do in a spiritual sense.

As first person, you're in that world ,you're operating a body. So you're a spiritual being operating that body -- it's the reverse effect. You're the spiritual and the electronic is the body, the material. You would think the opposite, yet, in that world, you're the ethereal and it is the solid.

You start the waking process on your cybernetic self. It gives you a focal point. Then we name your cybernetic self the same as your essential self. You will be able to act upon that "the same as if". The way we do that is you take the viewpoint of the essential self and then a character that you're running underneath yourself. You're acting out your essential self's role relative to you -- the character you're in. You're a player relative to a character in the game. The game you're in is Urth. Urth is the file name of this orb.

If you hear the sound of E.J.'s voice, you're eligible to move to the next level in your own timing and on your own reconnaissance. You're qualified to move on or you wouldn't be allowed to hear this, you wouldn't have access. So the message is "move on" -- don't hit that re-play or re-spawn button. The move on is clear, obvious and evident.