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Six Worlds All At Once / Emotional Meditation

with E.J. Gold & Claude Needham

Inner Circle Workshop
March 11, 2012

Price: $29.95

E.J. introduces the components of the kit used for Emotional Meditation. Each element he specifically selected to be of very fine quality which is necessary in order to work with the Mystery of the Three Eggs, the Mystery of the Five Eggs or for a master, the Mystery of the Six Eggs -- the Mu Ch'i Experiment, the Chinese 13th century painter of Six Persimmons revered by Zen masters.

E.J. explained that he will add a candle to the kit to be lit and placed in the center to create shadows -- a non-mental order of koan which will trigger a corresponding internal mechanism that responds like a rubberband between the two. As inside so outside, as outside so inside. As above so below, as below so above. These are koan-manifest -- of light and dark, shade and interplay, stillness and silence.

Begin by establishing a connection. Recognize your ability to notice. Your intuition is the only tool you have to know you got it right. You're building inner confidence -- you're thinking with higher emotions, not thoughts. You're coming from a different center. You may occasionally have had reactions from this center. The higher emotional center has its own type of thinking -- non-mental. Emotional meditation is not isolating something mental, not building on something mental. What Americans think of as meditation is really concentrating.

On planet Earth there are six different worlds overlaid -- Hell, Brute, Human, Hungry Ghost, Jealous God and God World. The worlds are all shells. They're layered the same way you see layers in the Junior Jiffy World Maker engine -- collision, main, shadows, entities, etc. The layers create the composite Earth. Working with the JJWM course will open an understanding beyond the mental concept. You meet Beings from all the different worlds walking around on Earth. They look human. Your choice is whom you want to associate with -- how you want to spend your day, minute-by-minute.

Pain relief is the goal of all human beings. E.J. identified the seductions of each of the six worlds. You must thread your way through this Six World composite, wisely, to the work-access point. You're on a world with a work-access point -- not all worlds out there have a work-access point. Your worst enemy is indecision, what Bill Shakespeare called The Hamlet Syndrome.