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You Need To Be Harmonious For The Work To Take Effect On You - ICW Jan. 14, 2012

with E.J. Gold & Claude Needham

Inner Circle Workshop
Jan. 14, 2012

2 DVD Set

Price: $29.95

E.J. Gold designs games for bardo training . between-lives and shamanic skills. Earth is an excellent training ground because it has so many elements of the Brute World.

E.J. is often asked, when we leave this life, how do we meet up and end up together in the next game? The POG safaris in Godd (every week) are a .table-top demo., to act out a life immersion demonstration of how the rebirth process works for a group . how a work circle moves as a group. Strategies for use in safari require a level of maturity, thus the name, .Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being.. .You need already to be harmonious in order for the Work to take effect on you . in harmony the Work is done.. invited to use Brane-Power tools . amulets, matrices, beacons . to assist you in becoming harmonious. E.J. has provided a brane-penetrating technology that allows you to travel between parallel worlds, and to change your life!

E.J. is offering people the opportunity to create their own games. You are forced to use your attention in a different way with this html5 game editor. You split your attention as if you are layering your consciousness and sorting out what layer is what . just as you yourself will try to regain volitional control of higher bodies.

When you apply your work efforts in context conscientiously, you obtain much wider results. You need to be aware of and sensitive to players besides yourself. Every entity in the universe is affected by your actions, whether you know it or not. There.s a cascade of symmetrical resonance which will be a key factor of what will be in the future, soon to be researched in science as .Collision Theory.. Eliminate space and time to better understand the higher dimensions.

E.J. told several stories illustrating that well-known proverb, .you see what you want to see, and you hear what you want to hear.. People are governed by fear and seductions. Game development is a great way to handle fear and seduction.