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Ride That Carousel

with E.J. Gold & Friends

DVD 121

Running tme approx. 1 hr

Price: $24.95

A jazz favorite of E.J. Gold's -- reminiscent of the carousel of life. Awakening is to voluntarily ride the carousel -- to work within the wheel of karma -- the endless rounds of death and rebirth. Liberation is to get off the wheel. Awakening and realizing that one is trying to escape something that doesn't even exist, the wheel of Samsara, presents a theatre of its own.

This footage was shot originally for the release of the music video in the '90s. This footage is archival.

"This is one of my favorite albums from this period. 'The Blue Jumpbuck' and 'Deep on the Ocean Floor' cuts still both give me goosebumps after all these years." -- MK