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Drumming 101 with E.J. Gold, Class No. 37 on DVD

Drumming 101 #37

"How to Make a Vortex Using Drumming"

Class July 3, 2011 with E.J. Gold

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1 DVD | Approx. 1 hour

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Drumming 101 #37 How to Make a Vortex Using Drumming

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"An in-depth study of the specific drumming techniques presented in the latter part of Drumming 101 #37 will benefit tremendously those who have the "Tri" udu drum." -- Marvel Lane

E.J. has used a variety of drums for the purpose of creating an invocational space by which is meant actually creating a vortex through the use of drumming - the patterning of the drums. He has settled on using the "Tri" udu drum because it's easy to play. He encourages this kind of thinking - the ease of playing something as part of your consideration of whatever it is you're wanting to get hold of.

When you're working with the gelatinous blob, which is what we'll call the atmospheric sphere you're finding yourself in, you'll notice that keeping it dancing in a particular way - so the vibrations don't fall apart, collapse in on themselves - is essential. It's like the performer on Ed Sullivan who kept 50 dishes spinning on top of poles and not one of them slows down and falls off. You keep the atmosphere, the gelatinous blob dancing in a way that's effortless so that it finds its most effortless transitions and moves through them to follow the path of least resistance which is what it will do anyway. You need to find a way to modify that path musically so it actually creates that dancing harmonic effect that you want to get.

E.J. begins drumming. If you want to move to the music, the gelatinous blob also wants to move to the music and is moving to the music. Once you set up a throbbing beat, that throbbing beat should become irresistible. Once you have the gelatinous blob in motion and interested, aroused, aware of your beat direction, at this point you'll be able to influence it in different ways.

Let's say you were inclined to invoke the presence of Hathor. There is a Hathor, and a Hathor entity will respond to you if you provoke it. If you know the throb, the principle dance of the entity you want, then you know their name - that's their address, how you contact them. You can do it Kabbalistically or there are other technical ways using chanting or fasting and prayer. When using drumming to invoke an entity, you're responsible to tune yourself into the gelatinous blob. You need to go where it is first, and then maybe you can get it to go where you want it to go.

You need to know your drum. E.J. spent the latter part of the drum class demonstrating different hits on the "Tri" and explaining and showing how he actually alters the shape of his hands to make the many different sounds he produces.