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Drumming 101 #34 Drumming Can Create Vortices

Drumming 101 #34

"Drumming Can Create Vortices"

Class June 12, 2011 with E.J. Gold

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Drumming 101 #34 Drumming Can Create Vortices

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E.J. opened the class showing the DVD from Drumming 101 #33. He asked the group to find the salient points, to give the most important thing they heard. It appeared that the group needed to review this most important drumming class, and E.J. gave that as a homework assignment.

Drumming can create vortices. The Ancients, the Dogon, the Anasazi and Mayan among others, all understood how to do this; they had to know because they are landing places, space ports for higher entities, sometimes not so higher entities. Those entities can help, assist, bring forward certain energies, certain devotions. Healing is an obvious way to help; that's very organic, physical. There are other ways they can help that don't relate to how good you feel. This is the essence of drumming. Drumming can set up vibrational patterns. These patterns can be set up with knowledge. With knowledge you can set up a vortex. And that vortex can attract a variety of different types and kinds of entities.

When setting up a vortex, you can set it up with a single drum, 3, 5, 7, 9 or 13 drums. A variety of drums with a variety of whistles, tooters, clappers, scratchers, rattles, strings and so forth can also set up a vortex. But the drumming is going to create the gelatinous effect that produces a vortex. Are vortices dangerous? Yes. Precautions can be taken by mounting inside your drum crystal quantum radio (CQR) protectors designed to screen out unwanted presences

Part of your study is to understand how patterns work without the mind. The mind is actually your enemy when learning how to drum. Your hand brains are what you're going to actually use. How you approach the patterning is important. You can't learn patterning by counting 1, 2, 3, 4. You don't have to stay on beat technically to make something work for you. Eventually a beat will develop in spite of yourself. As homework, try to keep a rhythm up asymmetrically -- you are going to fall into a pattern.

The trick with starting up a vortex is to be aware of the vortex when it starts. It starts to build very slowly from the bottom up. You have to grow it, keep feeding it, reinforcing it as if organic, yet it's nothing to do with organic life. You have to feed it blood. The blood is a form of ritual. Essentially you're doing, you're creating a ritual existence of something, and it requires constant reinforcement to make it work.

E.J. drummed, demonstrating several different types of vortices that can go out over the airways. He asked if people could feel it coming over the screen. The healing vortex is very small, temporary and dissipates quickly after the drumming stops. You have to master a very basic rhythmic structure in order to make it happen. You have to have some inner work going on at the same time. It doesn't just happen by itself. You have to direct it.

E.J. closed the class by drumming a pattern. You must master this drumming rhythm. In order to learn this, you should be able to drum with E.J. so you only hear a single beat -- that's the basic pattern to set up a vortex.

Drumming 101 with E.J. Gold, Class No. 34 on DVD
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Drumming 101 #34

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Drumming 101 with E.J. Gold, Class No. 34 on DVD

Drumming 101 #34

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