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Drumming 101 #2

Class October 10, 2010 Class with E.J. Gold

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Drumming 101 #2

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In the second class E.J. introduced different percussion instruments, many of them he had obtained over the years since the 1960s. Beginning with rosewood claves, maracas, shakers, a turtle rattle, a group of Vietnam cartridge casings strung together as a shaker, hand cymbals, a def and a talking drum, E.J. gave hints on how to play all of them.

E.J. played tambourines with heads and without heads, showing the numerous differences in their sounds and explaining why he preferred certain ones for recording sessions. He demonstrated several ways of playing a tam, stressing how important it is to hold it gently and to relax, incorporating all kinds of rhythmic structures . throwing in accents and .rests. . moments of silence. E.J. also passed on some things he had learned from his friend Cass Elliot back in the 60s.

He progressed to playing drums . the congas, bongos, a drum from 101 Studios made from 400 year old wood, djembe and even a drum kit. E.J. showed that you can hit the sides and rim of a drum with the front or back of your hands, your knuckles, a loose fist, thumbs and fingertips and even scratching a drum head. Once you have rhythm under control, you can make many different sounds. For homework, clap in tune with the music of your choice.