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Drumming 101 #1

Class October 3, 2010 Class with E.J. Gold

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1 DVD Set | Approx. 1 hour

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Drumming 101 #1

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What is a drum? We use percussion instruments all the time without being aware of their musical potential. E.J. proceeded to discover, as we watched, many parts of the body that make different sounds when struck by the hands. E.J. selected numerous objects around the room . a bucket, table, CD disc separator, large cardboard tubes, paper towel roll cardboard tubes, a pair of shoes, a book, piece of sculpture, an empty glass, paper cup, a large copper vase and a rectangular wooden box with slits cut into the top to create a wealth of tones and rhythms.

The most important thing to learn is rhythmic pattern. In the 1950s in NYC, Philly Joe Jones, a famous jazz drummer, told him that it was all in the accents. E.J. demonstrated accents on the wooden box. Establish rhythmic patterns, structure by feel. E.J. showed how to set up variations of patterns.

The real question is, how reliable are you? Most people can.t even clap their hands to keep time. The best way to practice is with Backing Tracks that you enjoy learning and playing with.

Anything can be a drum, but not everyone can be a drummer. You need to conquer your fear of failure, and to let go of your self-esteem in relation to your skill level. Listen to accommodate your rhythm structure to the whole group . the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.